Lauren Rice | Contributing Writer | Friday, 27 October 2017

Weed Bath Bombs Are Now A Thing

Weed Bath Bombs Are Now A Thing

The Debrief: Bath time is going to get a *lot* more relaxing...

A Japanese beauty and skincare company, Mirai Clinical has launched a new bath bomb called ‘De-stressing & De-odorizing CBD Bath Bomb’ currently being sold at $8, with one unusual ingredient, weed. 

The bath bomb has since sold out on their website which won’t be restocked until next month. Those wishing to try out the bath bomb have to add their name to a waiting list in order to purchase the product. The company is even offering a 10% discount for those waiting to thank customers for their patience as it is in such *high* demand. 

 Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is not psychoactive, so it doesn’t produce the same effect as feeling high, but it has been used for pain relief, calming anxiety, and as an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling.


A calming bubble bath is at the top of our list when we feel we need to de-stress, so this bath bomb would make for the extra perfect relaxation. 

A five-star review left on the company’s website under the name of Franci read: ‘This bath bomb is absolutely amazing! It leaves me smelling great and I feel so relaxed during my bath and even after I step out of the tub. Bathing before bedtime has never felt so good!’

Mirai Clinical states that the bath bomb relaxes your body and mind and reduces body odours for all-day freshness. Unfortunately, the product is only sold in the USA as the company does not ship internationally, but hopefully, the UK will produce a relaxing bath bomb like this very soon. Fingers Crossed!

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