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We Tried On All The Tricky Stuff For Big Boobs On ASOS To Prove Everyone Wrong

We Tried On All The Tricky Stuff For Big Boobs On ASOS To Prove Everyone Wrong

The Debrief: Sorry Gok, no waist belts here...

Growing up, getting dressed was a minefield of rules. You couldn't open a magazine without being told don't wear this if you've got big boobs, don't wear that if you're hourglass. But, it's 2017, and we've had a reality check - we can wear whatever the heck we want. And, I am here to prove it one difficult item at a time. To get us started, I tried ASOS' best baggy jumpsuits, crop tops and tailouring. Now, you tell me, big boobed girls can't get away with these...


1. Baggy jumpsuit? Bring it

ASOS, Oval Sunglasses, £12; ASOS, T-Shirt with Exclusive Print in Boxy Fit, £10; ASOS, Minimal Wide Leg Jumpsuit With Side Stripe and Splits, £42; ASOS, ELLER Platform Boots, £40

Is there anything more dreamy than a wide-leg jumpsuit with adjustable shoulder ties and a ridiculously flattering stripe down the side? Actually, don’t answer that, but I think we can all agree, this jumpsuit is pretty awesome. And, despite its loose fit and extra-wide legs, curvy girls should not be deterred - the neckline is spot-on. Plus it’s super cute with or without a t-shirt. Come summer, swap out the chunky boots and slide straight into your Birkenstocks.


2. Slogan Tee? Gimme 

ASOS, Duster With Loop Sleeve Detail, £65; ASOS, Top with Fanta Print, £18; ASOS, Deconstructed Cigarette Jogger, £25; ASOS, LOCK Mule Ballet Flats, £22

I have to admit, I was sceptical at first, but now I’m totally obsessed with these tailoured, tangerine trackies. So, you can imagine how chuffed I was when to discover this slogan Fanta tee to boot. Summer colour palette - sorted. And have no fear my big bosom buddies, the logo is large enough not to be distorted/sucked in by your bountiful cleavage. Just wonderful.  


3. Crop top? Hell Yes

ASOS, Puma Exclusive To ASOS Off The Shoulder Logo Top, £18 , £45; ASOS, STYLENANDA Wide Skater Jeans, £55; ASOS, OTIS Chunky Mules, £35

Some might say that when it comes to a generously sized rack crop tops aren’t a viable option, but I say screw ‘em. And just to really shake things up, why not go off the shoulder too? With the perfect strapless bra, anything is possible (FYI my life depends on Curvy Kate’s Luxe). Match with a pair of spring summer 17 appropriate extra-wide skater jeans and you’re done.


4. Sheer? It’s On

ASOS, Deconstructed Ruffle Cold Shoulder Blouse With Tie Detail, £36; STYLENANDA, Deconstructed Denim Skirt, £45; ASOS, OTIS Chunky Mules, £35


Ok so let’s be honest, being blessed with a chest and wearing sheer doesn’t exactly go hand in hand, but I’m all for it. If our smaller-boob sisters can get away with it then so can we! Now it’s to be expected that opening up those puppies to the elements may feel a bit daunting at first, so opt for something loose and colourful with an added ruffle for a little extra coverage.


5. Strapless? Come At Me 

ASOS, Camo Jacket With Badges, £50; ASOS, High Waisted Maxi Skirt in Gingham,£35; ASOS, OTIS Chunky Mules, £35

Back at it again with the strapless to prove it really is an option when you wear the right bra. This cute gingham skirt is perfect to hoik up and wear as a dress or cover-up (thanks to its elasticated waist), paired with your favourite jacket of course - pass me the camo!    

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