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We Played Beauty 'Would You Rather' With Beauty Vlogger Tanya Burr, And Yep It Was Fun

The Debrief: Turns out she reckons she could rock a neon-green 'do

Tanya Burr is pretty much taking over the world. Okay, maybe that's a little too far, but in less than a year she has launched a cosmetics range (Tanya Burr Cosmetics) and released her debut book, Love, Tanya. Add to that over 2.7 million subscribers tuning into her YouTube channel for their regular dose of makeup tutorials (yes, we would like to attempt a Kendall Jenner look, thank you), vlogs and an awesome blog and you could say she's doing pretty darn well for herself.

We've chatted with Tanya once before so we could pick her brain for some beauty hacks that would give us some precious extra zeds in the morning. This time, though, we met her armed with a beauty-inspired 'Would You Rather' quiz, to dig a little deeper and find out if she really would give up toothpaste forever and whether chocolate or makeup was the priority...

The Debrief: Hey Tan, can we call you Tan? So would you rather... Dye your hair neon green for a month or shave off your eyebrows and eyelashes?

Tanya: Dye my hair neon green for a month. I think it would be fun and everyone would be like ‘Oh my god, that’s crazy!’ and it would create loads of fun and drama whereas cutting off my eyelashes and shaving my eyebrows would be awful and also they’d never grow back the same. Whereas my hair that can grow out and I could dye it back. 

DB: You could SO pull it off. Only wear makeup on the weekends or only on the weekdays?

T: Only on the weekdays, I don’t really wear makeup at the weekends.

DB: Give up shampoo or toothpaste forever?

T: Ooh. I would give up toothpaste because I feel like I could find alternatives. Like I could use mouthwash and mints and... I’m sure there’s weird herbs...You could probably make it at home. 

DB: Have ten times the amount of money in your bank account or perfect hair forever?

T: If you had ten times the amount of money in your bank account you could pay someone to just be at your side the whole time. 

DB: Dye your eyebrows pink or lips blue?

T: Dye my lips blue.

DB: Give up chocolate or makeup?

T: I think I’d say give up chocolate because makeup...I just love make up. What would I do at a photoshoot or something? And I love sweet stuff but chocolate isn’t my number one. I love lemon cake though. 

DB: Pastries are our weakness! So would you rather have to wear black lipstick all the time or have bleached eyebrows all the time?

T: Bleached eyebrows. Because it would probably look quite trendy and cool. I would hate to wear black lipstick all the time, I hate wearing lipstick. I don’t even wear red lipstick or any lipstick colour very often just because it gets everywhere. I’m more of a gloss girl. 

DB: Always have an eyelash in your eye or always have your hair stuck to your lipgloss?

T: Hair stuck to lipgloss. I cannot stand it if I have an eyelash in my eye. It’s really painful! It’s not painful to have hair stuck to your lipgloss.

DB: Have Jim to do your makeup or your dad?

T: Jim. Although I think my dad would be good aswell. They’re both really artistic so Jim’s really good at my make-up. He’s done it a couple of times just as a joke.

DB: Pick one perfume to wear forever or never wear perfume again?

T: One perfume to wear forever. It would be Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche.

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DB: Would you rather have amazing hair but no make up or amazing make up and messy hair?

T: Messy hair, amazing make-up. Messy hair looks cool.

DB: Us too, screw that no makeup trend. Would you rather never wear lip gloss again or never wear nail polish again?

T: Oooh. I’d have to say never wear lip gloss again because I couldn’t not have my nails done. Imagine having no nail polish on. I always have to have perfect nails and on my toes as well whereas I think I could wear lip balm on top of lipsticks to make them look glossy. 

DB: Would you rather live with a really orange fake tan, or never fake tan again?

T: Never fake tan ever again. I’m over fake tan. I like a more natural look at the moment.

DB: Ok. so throw away your whole make up collection or your whole skincare collection?

T: I’d have to say just have skincare because if I had make up and I couldn’t do skincare, the make up wouldn’t look nice.

DB: And one non-would you rather question... What three products would you take to a desert island?

T: SPF, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and some kind of brow powder or product or powder. 

DB: Thanks T, that was fun! 

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