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This Is The Best Facial To Fix A Pre-Event Breakout

This Is The Best Facial To Fix A Pre-Event Breakout

The Debrief: After the spots disappeared, I could see just how bright and radiant my skin looked

You have to ask yourself, how much is too much to spend on getting rid of a spot right before a big event? If it’s your wedding and all cameras are angled at your face, then maybe you’d be willing to spend a small fortune? But, for the rest of us, is £120 too much? This was the question I asked myself when I went to visit the zip-zapping Vaishaly clinic for a facial. 

If you looked inside Elle Macpherson, Rachel Weisz, Meg Ryan and Gwyneth Paltrow’s black book you’d find Vaishaly Patel listed under facialist. The beautician to the stars runs an intimate salon in London’s Marylebone where her carefully trained staff spend their days squeezing the spots and cleansing the pores of the wealthy. With skin prone to acne and an outburst in full swing, I rocked up on a Thursday afternoon to see if they could heel my red, blotchy, pimply complexion:

What Did They Do To Your Skin?

I was shown into a room, asked to take off my top and lie under a towel before a blanket was placed on me. So far, so cosy, but then the spot-popping began. The clinic is obsessed with extraction; they actually have a specially made device to get rid of milia (tiny white spots), which hurts a little. With the gunk gone, the microdermabrasion begins. Essentially, this is an intense exfoliator that runs as a vacuum across your face. After this, a high frequency, blood-flow boosting tool that kills off bacteria zaps your complexion. This bit felt the most invasive as it sends pulses across your face. The treatment is finished with a face massage with a little shoulder, neck and head rubbing thrown in. 

What Was Your Favorite Bit?

When the therapist told me I had pores the size of a baby (I’m sure they tell everyone that!). While, I love the compliment, it wasn’t actually my favourite part of the treatment. For, that was the toxin-draining lymphatic massage. It was ultra relaxing and made my skin feel hydrated without looking oily. And, now I’m addicted to their night nourisher oil

The Results?

Straight away my spots were purged, but it did mean the few gleaming zits that needed heavy-handed help shone on my pale skin like red beacons. After a day or so, they died down, and my skin was clearer than before and brighter. It was the radiance I was expecting. I was scared to put foundation on, or even powder, in case it covered it up!

How Much Did It Cost?

£120 - it’s a lot, I know! However, if you know what your skin’s problem is you can opt for a cheaper and more targeted facial. For instance, two treatments, spot and blackhead extraction and small cyst removal start from £30. If you need a speedier facial there is also an option to decrease it to 25 minutes, which also makes it substantially more affordable.

Where Was It?

In a swanky salon in Marylebone, London. The treatment took place in a room larger than expected. I lay on a massage bed with pillows placed under my knees and head, and a warm duvet tucked up to my collarbone, which made it nye impossible to stay awake. 

Would You Book Again?

In a heartbeat. 

Vaishaly Signature Facial, 51 Paddington Street, London, W1U 4HR

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