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This Weird New Korean Beauty Trend Promises To Give You Perfect Skin

The Debrief: Talcum powder isn't just for babies' bottoms

 Korea is well known for its innovations within the beauty industry, bringing out sheet masks, BB creams and cushion foundations. The next new K-beauty trend to infiltrate the west is ‘Jamsu’. Actually created by a Japanese vlogger, how she came across this is completely beyond me, but it has taken Korea by storm.The technique in question is called ‘Jamsu’ means ‘diving’ or ‘submerge’ in Korean. Why, I hear you ask, is a makeup trend titled something so absurd? 

Well, because it involves submerging your face in cold water for 30 seconds – obviously.

And what good is that? A whole lot of good apparently. The technique is similar to ‘baking’ in that you cover your face in talc to help improve the longevity of your make up. The catch is that once you’ve applied said talc, you then plunge your face in cold water for 30 seconds. This sounds pretty pointless to me as surely the water washes off the talc and previously applied makeup? Apparently not as the result is supposed to leave you with amazing matte skin that lasts all day and provides a smooth canvas for other makeup to follow. 

Here at the Debrief, we have watched several videos to try and understand this bizarre new craze. From what I can gather this seems to be the general order: 

1. Cleanse, tone and moisturise as normal

2. Apply foundation and concealer 

3. Cover face in a generous layer of talcum powder

4. Submerge face in cold water for 30 seconds (which can be broken in to two halves, phew!) 

5. If you still have some white patches left, plunge again

6. If you’re all clear, pat dry with some tissue or a towel 

7. Apply the rest of your makeup 

8. Voila! Reap the rewards of your long lasting matte finish

Seems simple enough despite being very unusual. There seems to be a general consensus in all tutorials that if you have dry skin, not to dunk for too long (maybe using a face mist instead) and if you don’t have relatively fair skin, use your face powder instead of the talcum powder. 

My skin is on the oily side my makeup tends to slide off face throughout the day, a nightmarish image I know – so I can’t say I’m not intrigued. As with all beauty trends, some seem a little farfetched - Vagisil as primer anyone? So watch this space and the Debrief HQ will trial this one for you (Yippee!)

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