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This Mac Lipstick Changes Colour Depending On Your Mood. Magic

This Mac Lipstick Changes Colour Depending On Your Mood. Magic

The Debrief: It's like a mood ring for your mouth

Remember mood rings? Those magical things that changed from happy sunshine yellow to murky brown when you were crying because your year seven crush held hands with that girl from your French class? OK so really they had nothing to do with what mood you were in, sorry to disappoint but it was all to do with your body temperature – but what’s the 2016 equivalent you ask? It’s only mood changing lipstick. 

Thanks to MAC and the new Tender Talk lip balm (available to buy June 16th FYI) we can now match our lipsticks to our forever changing moods. Kind of, anyway. The lip balms come in five different shades (we’re into the coral), and they all apply depending on how your skin reacts with the product. It’s all very science-y and we’re into it. According to Teen Vogue these babies are super hydrating so it’s basically a two-in-one. Your own personally colored lipstick, and soft lips. What more could we want? June 16th, hurry up please. 

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