Mari Santos | Contributing Writer | Saturday, 5 September 2015

How To Make Your Own Wrinkle Release Spray

This Genius Homemade Spray Means You'll Never Have To Iron Your Clothes Again

The Debrief: Because sometimes ironing is just not on your list of priorities.

'I just can’t wait to iron my shirt' is probably not a sentence that has ever come out of your mouth. Here’s a solution that will not only solve your wrinkle dilemmas, but ease that sinking feeling in your stomach when you’re on the bus thinking, 'shit, did I leave the iron plugged in?' The drying factor is an issue, but if you plan ahead, this one’s definitely worth it.

Fill a spray bottle with water.

Grab your necessities. In this case, some vinegar, hair conditioner and a spoon.

Add a teaspoon of vinegar into the water.

Add a dollop of conditioner.

Shake, baby, shake.

Spray it onto the wrinkles, but don’t drench. 

Stretch all the wrinkles out. 

Leave to dry (this is the part where you eat breakfast, hop in the shower, put on your makeup, stare at the wall) and you’re good to go - all without an iron.

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