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The Most Depressing Make Up Tutorial Ever Reaches 1m Views

The Most Depressing Make Up Tutorial Ever Reaches 1m Views

The Debrief: Em Ford’s You Look Disgusting video shows you’re damned if you, damned if you don’t…

Make-up tutorials are big business online. We’ll all happily gawp at someone transforming themselves via make-up and the intention is for us to learn how to do, say, the perfect smoky eye, or apply lip liner to flesh out what we’ve got. But it also looks like, no matter what the teacher does for us, the general public will set out to be mean.

Em Ford started posting make-up free images of herself three months ago and this video, You Are Disgusting, shows the comments that she got for daring to be her bare-faced self online.

The video goes further than that, though, because she also shows, via overlaid text, the comments she got after she put make-up on. Some were positive, but others, like ‘respect yourself damn slut’ make us wonder why on earth any woman would want to ever go on the internet again. You’re damned if you do wear make up, and damned if you don’t wear make up, so it might just be better to disappear.

But Em’s put her story to a good use, after she saw how many other people felt horrible about their acne and hopeful about what make up could do for them, commenting stuff like ‘I hate myself’ and ‘make up is my saviour’. People are insecure enough as it is without seeing someone as traditionally beautiful as Em being slated for her looks.

That’s why her message to viewers is: ‘You are beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you differently, not even yourself’.

We’d be up for a message along the lines of ‘fuck anyone who thinks they’re entitled to pass judgment on a woman based on what she does or doesn’t do to feel good about herself’.

But what’s the bet that the knuckle draggers taking time out of their day to be mean about a young woman are simply insecure themselves?

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