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The best nude lipstick you’ll ever buy and it’s £1.99

The Best Nude Lipstick You’ll Ever Buy And It’s £1.99

The Debrief: I know it’s ridiculous, a whole article dedicated to one lipstick, but hold up, for I am about to rock your world/ makeup bag

I dislike the misuse of the term ‘beauty secret.’ It’s no big secret that an eye cream for £80 is going to work. It’s bloody expensive. In fact, I’d be outraged if it didn’t work. To me, ‘beauty secrets’ should be things like Sudocrem (am I right?) or St Moritz or Aqueous cream… I could go on, but you get it – I’m a proper cheapo when it comes to grooming. 

So without further ado, in the biggest anti-climax of beauty writing ever, here’s my answer to the perfect nude lipstick…

It’s £1.99 from Natural collection, in the shade ‘Apple Blossom’ (it’s weirdly sometimes called ‘Rose Petal’) from the Moisture Shine range. 


See? Anti climax. But hear me out. You always see pictures of models effortlessly rocking beige lips and smoky eyes, but IRL a nude lip can make you look less Bridget Bardot, and more, ‘Get the London-dehydrated-look’.

And not to be a Negative Nancy, but I don’t believe in seasonal make-up trends. You know, like a bit o’rouge for the Christmas do, or glitter for funerals. I normally only wear red lipstick when I’m really drunk, which is an annual event, or when I’m feeling a bit saucy, which normally coincides with the being drunk thing. So most of the time I stick to nude, simply because it makes my lips look bigger.

Also, ALSO, it doubles up as a cream blusher and an eye shadow. I like doing a smoky eye, then using the lipstick on the lid, as the pink hue makes your own eye colour pop. Not literally pop. I’m trying to sound like a legit beauty writer here. Help. 

This lipstick also works as a great way for putting darker shades on, as it gives you a nice neutral base. So there you have it. And incidentally, I promise that this is not some weird sponsored advert for Natural Collection. I just think when you find a beauty product that’s really fucking good, you owe it to the female (or male) population to let them know and save them spending horrible amounts of money elsewhere.

The best nude lipstick you’ll ever buy and it’s £1.99

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