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The Best Matte Lipsticks For Your Face

The Best Matte Lipsticks For Your Face

The Debrief: From Mac to Maybelline - which matte lipsticks should you buy?

Matte lipsticks aka Matt Lipsticks aka Matthew Lipsticks (esq) are really big right now. I know this because about five years ago I was trying to find a Matthew Lipstick in red that didn’t cost a lot, and it took me ages until someone pointed out that Revlon did them. 

Now I can’t move for them. I wake up, try and have breakfast, and instead of cereal in my cupboard, there’s just loads of matte lipsticks. I try to leave the house (via a door made of matte lipsticks) and instead of cars on the road, there are just loads of bikes. Because people in London are concerned about air pollution. But they’re also all wearing matte lipsticks. 

I tried out the best ones on the high street (and a cheeky Mac one because it’s worth seeing what they look like on an actual face before forking out a shedload) and rated them on pigment (as in, colour), stickability, feel, and general coolness factor. 

Let’s start with the cheapest and work our way to the big (dollar) dogs. 

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick (Craving Coral) 

Price: £6.99 

Matte-ness: Quite matte, but didn’t feel dry. Also smells really, really good and a bit fruity. Special shout-out goes to the colour ‘Craving Coral’ which reminds me of Carl from The Walking Dead and how everyone called him ‘CORRRAALL’. 

Feel: Nice and creamy like a bit of cream. 

Pigment: Not the strongest of the bunch, but definitely gave good coverage. Would advise blotting and doing another coat. As in, another layer of lipstick, rather than putting a coat on your mouth HAHAHAHAHAHA you knew this. 

Stayed on? For about four hours. Stayed on through the new James Bond (3/5 a bit disappointing) and hung about for the most of a Pizza Express. Also, it faded evenly rather than leaving those annoying lip lines that make you look mad. 

Avon Ultra Colour Soft Matte 

Price: £7.50 

Matte-ness: This was certainly a matte lipstick, but it wasn’t quite as matte as the others. If it didn’t have matte in the title then I could mistake it for a normal lipstick. 

Feel: Smooth, creamy, smelled great like a really great soap. Except it’s a lipstick, so try not to bathe in it because it really won’t clean you and you’ll emerge totally purple without any lipstick left. 

Pigment: To be honest, this was a bit disappointing. Again, it had fine coverage for a normal lipstick, but if I’ve bought a matte then I want it to be a lot more pigmented than this was. I want to look like I’m wearing someone else’s lips on my lips, know what I mean? 

Stayed on: Came off in a meeting immediately. Sure, I ate things in the meeting (it was a meeting, what else was I going to do? Come up with ideas? Haha), but it gave up after just one Graze box. As if it had a real aversion to Graze boxes or something, and it was a good Graze box. This post isn’t sponsored by Graze boxes. 

Summary: good lipstick, not a great matte lipstick. Sorry. 

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm (Shameless) 

Price: £7.99 

Matte-ness: As you’d imagine, this is halfway between a matte lipstick and a balm. But don’t be fooled, this bastard is all matte and only a bit balm, if you can call a lipstick a bastard. By the way, this is a positive thing. I’m trying to say that it has all the best bits of a matte lipstick and all the best bits of a balm. 

Feel: See above. I sort of answered the question there, sorry. 

Pigment: They’ve named this well – it really is like the colour (or color, if you’re American) burst onto my lips. And I chose a particularly fun colour too, so the experience was a right hoot. Anyway, this doesn’t need another coat (even though you’re supposed to do this, according to proper beauty people), which is the hallmark of a great matte. 

Stayed on? It stayed on during 30 minutes of me throwing beanbags at a wall and running up and down with heavy ropes at the gym. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is. Also the lipstick was good too. Ha. 

Summary: My second favourite. Keep reading for my actual favourite. 

Topshop Matte Lip Bullet (Boyracer)

Price: £8 

Matte-ness: Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Didn’t dry my lips out like a prune, but there was zero shiny-ness. 

Feel: Expensive feeling. Only problem was that the lipstick got all over the lipstick tube and looks a bit messy really easily but that’s just me being crap at keeping things clean. 

Pigment: Didn’t need another coat, went on perfectly, looked bright and boyracer-y. Whatever that means. 

Stayed on? Was defeated by some Celebrations (Mars and Twix, cheers yeah, I know, great choice) and an afternoon of general snacking/water drinking. You just need to reapply this throughout the day, like every other lipstick not designed to last a particularly spellbinding amount. 

Summary: While not that long-lasting, the colour and matte-ness on this was top hole. My third fave. 

MAC Matt Royal (Deep Blue) 

Price: £15.50 

Matte-ness: 10/10 

Feel: 10/10 

Pigment: 10/10 

Stayed on: 10/10 

Summary: The indisputed king of matte lipsticks. If you can afford it, go and buy one. 

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