Debrief Staff | Contributing Writer | Friday, 3 November 2017

Someone Made Pimple Nails And We Are Kinda Grossed Out About It

Someone Made Pimple Nails And We Are Both Grossed Out And Fascinated By Them

The Debrief: We're really not sure how we feel about these...

Spots are our worst enemy, yet we seem to have an unusual fascination with them. They can ruin our day when we wake up with a red, swollen one taking residence on our face. Quick! Get the concealer. Cover that little shit. 

And yet... and yet, pimmple popping are a legit internet thing. As a phenomenon they've been doing the rounds for a while; Including dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee, who had taken to YouTube to post videos of her popping some of the biggest spots (worse than any nightmare you’ve had I promise) and surprisingly people went wild for it. Granted lots were embarrassed by their bizarre fascination and only watched in secret but you’d be surprised with how many had no problem talking about it in public (no judgement, its 2017 after all).



It is, however, possible that the whole thing has now gone too far.  UK based blogger, Natasha Lee, put up a ten-minute-long video of her making her pimple nails (no joke) and then popping them for Halloween. 

She explained to us that after putting on a base coat, she put a lump of hand cream on her nail to make the pus (eugh I’m getting shivers down my back as I write this), and then put hardening gel over the lump to make the skin/seal. She then paints over it red and yellow only on the very top. It's both disgusting and fascinating to watch.  

So, are you a fan? I can’t say that I am, but hey I might be the minority in this. After all, how do I compete with the thousands of people commenting on her videos things like: ‘Such an amazing design □ So deliciously disgusting □’

Image : YouTube/Natasha Lee