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Shaving bum

So, Men Are Into Shaving Their Bums Now?

The Debrief: Beard to ass is a big jump on the grooming scale guys

2015 has definitely been a big your for male grooming crazes. All hair related, we started at the top with he man-bun, shuffled down a few inches to beards filled with glitter and decorated with flowers, and now we’ve (literally) arrived at the bottom.

According to spa educator Ben Brown from Bliss Spa, bum shaving isn’t necessarily a new thing, but it seems to have become trendier this year.

‘Thanks to Snapchat and sexting, people are more conscious over their appearance, and this includes the butt,’ Ben told Mashable.

I mean, I kind of get it. When you’ve spent weeks hiding beneath the thickest tights you can find because the prickly leg hairs will probably poke through that £1 pair of sheer ones, and then you finally suck it up and shave, there is no denying how ah-mazing that feeling is. Feeling silky smooth and ultra prepared for any spontaneous between the sheets action are all bonus points.

He explained that ‘not only are men finding that it's more hygienic, but it's also more sightly and attractive,’ and apparently it’s ‘more comfortable to sit on a bare butt’. Saying that though, it definitely wouldn’t surprise me if most men weren’t even aware that they’re sitting uncomfortably on their un-groomed behinds.

Ben gave a handy guide on how to bum shave at home, which runs through all the tricks of the trade that have become second nature to most women, particularly when tending to our own nether regions: cleanse, use a mirror, sharp clean blade, pull against the hair if you’re waxing etc.

The thing that leaves me unconvinced by the whole bum shaving thing though, is that yes okay, a smooth ass might be #goalsfor2016, but have we really taken a minute to think about regrowth?

Seriously guys, the itch is a bitch, and if you’re in any sort of situation where you’re sat down for a long period of time, wearing the least of comfortable boxers, and it’s not quite appropriate to stick your hand down your pants to scratch, you’re going to be a bit stuck.

Women have been doing it for years so we know the pain of the post-shave itch. The key to relief? Moisturiser. Regularly. No butts. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

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