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Six Second Hacks: Quick Wedding Hair For People Who Can\'t Do Hair

Six Second Hacks: Quick Wedding Hair For People Who Can't Do Hair

The Debrief: Going to a wedding? Shit at hair? You're welcome.

Going to a wedding over the coming months? Me too. I'm going to 950. Alright, three, but this still means I've got to crack out three different looks because I'm going to see roughly the same people and I fully intend to wear the same dress to all - so need to disguise this with clever hair. 

Of course, I could just not give a shit and do the classic 'messy bun thing with a flower in it' for all of them but then my hair might get a complex about not being special enough. And my friends might think I can't do more than one hairstyle. And nobody wants that, dear LORD, so here's a compilation of vines detailing some simple (and cool) wedding hair styles you can do even if you're running late and don't have time to fanny about with rollers. Or whatever the hell else you fanny about with when doing fancy hair styles. 

The One I Use All The Time 

I think I've re-used this hair style for every hair-oriented Six Second Hack I've attempted, but that's because it's so great. What's also great about it, is that it even works if you're on the way to a wedding and you've been caught in the rain. I even filmed it in an actual bathroom, having been in the actual rain, to demonstrate this point because I'm a serious journalist who deserves a Pulitzer. 

How to do it: Two plaits. Throw them over your head. Secure. If you have a flower, then that works too. Giving the finger to the hand dryer that's stopped working: optional. 

The Cool Glamourous High Fashion Thing 

Look, I don't know what it's called, but you back-comb stuff and then make a low bun, but everyone thinks you got it styled by some hairdresser. I know this because people ask me who did my hair when I go out like this, because everyone knows how poor I am at hair and they can't fathom I did it myself. Well I did. And it looks awesome if you're wearing a really girlie dress you hate (cough bridesmaids cough) because it toughens it up way more than curly ringlets ever will. 

How to do it: Back-comb the front section of your whole head, but from the back (see the vine below if that's confusing - that's what they're for), gently sweep into position with a brush and secure with any hair grips if you need to. Put the rest of the hair into a low bun with an innocuously coloured hair band. 


The Easiest Wedding Hair Style In The World

Proof that if you get those little flower clips (From literally anywhere. Except, maybe, a car garage) you can instantly look like you're going to a wedding. Look, I'm wearing a hoodie in the below vine and it totally transformed me. 

How to do it: Buy some clips. Put said clip on something. Try two clips, if you're feeling saucy. 

The Lazy Girls Khaleesi Hair

If you want to really wow them, then get your mate to help you plait odd sections of your hair so you look a bit like that character from Game of Thrones who loves dragons. This is a little bit trickier, in the sense that you won't be able to do it yourself unless you're highly dexterous, so get you housemate/colleague/next door neighbour to get involved. Maybe for a fee, to ensure they do a good job. 

How to do it: Part your hair, brush it loads and take your fringe out of the way. Gather a small section at the front and top of your head, and plait it normally – don't be messing around with any French plait shit. Do the same on the other side, and tie them both together at the back, leaving a little tiny mini plait-ponytail.


The Side Plait One 

Get these clips from Asos, because they're excellent, and then do a side plait for instant wedding butter-wouldn't-melt sophistication. Of course, it would melt, because you're a living human who gives off heat, but you're also a living human who can totally bonk the best man because he can't stop looking at your a-symmetry.

How to do it: Put some clips in your hair. Do a side plait. Bonk everyone. 

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