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A Rainbow Highlighter Exists And It\\\'s Next Level

A Rainbow Highlighter Exists And It's Next Level

The Debrief: Ever wanted to walk around with a rainbow on your face? Now you can.

We all know about the contouring, highlighting and strobing make-up trends. But one Etsy shop, BitterLaceBeauty, have taken it one step further with their handmade highlighters. 'What’s so special about their highlighters?' We hear you ask. Well, see for yourself:


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Yes, this highlighter is basically a rainbow. The shade is called ‘Prism’ and they describe it as a ‘unicorn in a pan’ which is a pretty fair description.

They released the product last week but it swiftly sold out with Jenna, the founder, saying that it will be restocked soon. Since the product has gone viral they’ve sold out of every other shades the make including ‘Sugar Spun’ an icy lilac and ‘Unbirthday’ which is more pink.


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‘Prism’ isn’t for the fainthearted. You can see from the swatches that their products are mega pigmented (a major plus) so you can totally walk around with a full on rainbow on your cheek. 


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If you fancy a more subtle look, try using one or a few of the shades together, or sweep your brush over the entire pan to create a mix of all the colours (although I’m not sure what shade this would make). You could even use it as an eyeshadow. This is all if you manage to actually get hold of one, of course. 

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