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The £1 Lip Liner That You Absolutely Need In Your Make-Up Bag

The £1 Lip Liner That You Absolutely Need In Your Make-Up Bag

The Debrief: You can thank us later.

I am loathe to attribute the rise of the lip liner to Kylie Jenner but I'd be lying if I said it had zero to do with her. Since her lips became the apple of everyone's eyes and with it her choice of lip colour – always really strong, you've got to admit – lip liner is no longer confined to early nineties soapstars and singers. 

Gone are the days when a five-shades-too-dark lip liner was applied alongside a milk-pale sticky lip gloss, just to make sure every person you encountered that day knew – like, really knew, would-bet-their-life-on-it, knew – that you were wearing lip liner.

Now, things are a little more subtle as long as you don't stray too far outside the lines of your natural lips – a little over-drawing is fine, but too much and it'll be obvious that those lips were not genetically bestowed upon you.

In summary: lip liners are great. Apply them before lipstick to help staying power, or wear them on their own for a long-lasting lip colour. If this sounds like something you can get on board with – and why wouldn't you? – you're in luck, because Primark do one of the best lip liners I have ever tried and it only costs £1. 

That's right: one single pound coin. 100 pennies. Five 20p pieces. Whatever donomination you're in to. There are seven shades in the range with nude-y, pink-y, brown-y shades aplenty, as well as a red and plum shade. My personal favourite is 'Nude' (it's very Kylie Jenner and yes, I hate myself) but they're all top notch, so take your pick.

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