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Beauty Ideas Now School Is Out For The Summer

Beauty Ideas Now School Is Out For The Summer

The Debrief: Or, for the weekend if your classroom days are as far behind you as they are for me

Kids have flung their uniforms in the laundry pile for the last time this summer because school is finally out. The end of period bell has been retired for another term and with it comes the opportunity for youngsters to discover their summer selves. Will they be goths? Will they be manic pixie dream girls? While the youth among us tear open new pots of Barry M glitter, the millennials here should take a leaf from their book. Use the extended hours of summer to experiment and widen your beauty playbook. As ever, Pinterest is teeming with ideas for you to plunder.

1. Wear So Much Highlighter You’re Blinding

Sunglasses at the ready, because golden highlighter is here to shine a light on your cheekbones. Add a dab of moisturizer to your iridescent powder to give it a creamy finish. 

2. Only Have Impractical Nails


You don’t need to type, or for that matter pick anything up. Spend a few bob down the salon and get talons so long and pointed that they’re bewitching. 

3. Pay Lipservice


Orange you glad Pinterest can prove just how great a wacky shade looks on? Take a leap next time you’re in Superdrug and splurge on a ludicrously lurid lippy. Just make sure you’ve lined your pout first and that the rest of your make-up is relatively simple if you want to make a bold statement shade work. 

4. Give Yourself Pink Eye

No, not that kind! Obviously, I mean, misuse your blush with the help of an eyeshadow brush.

5. Spend Hours On A Complicated Braid

Watch all the Youtube videos out there and then give a messy braid a go, just be sure to have hairspray to hand. Make tricky plaits simple by using clips to segment the hair and keep the tension. 

6. Wear Glitter In The Daytime

Ask yourself, why bloody not? Make your day sparkle with a metallic lip or a smattering of glitter. Spark up by dabbing more on as the day progresses to power up the night.

7. Go Big With Your Hair

Embrace the bedhead because summer is all about long naps and lie-ins. If your curls aren’t as naturally bodacious as this lady's invest in a body-boosting shampoo and texturing mist. 

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