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New-Season Hairstyles You Can Actually Do On Yourself

New-Season Hairstyles You Can Actually Do On Yourself

The Debrief: And a couple that you really can't

Every season there's a new hairstyle that captivates the nation, and this time it's apparently all about twists. I know this because I've read four separate articles telling me that twists are really big, and that if I'm not twisting my hair I might as well be dead (there's a possibility I've paraphrased this).

Another huge trend, according to the hair and beauty industry, is soft boho waves which seems to be the case at some point every year. Always a good one for when you have straight hair that refuses to curl or stay curled even when you've put half a can of hairspray on it.

For anyone interested in seasonal hair, and what actually happens when you try to replicate things you see in magazines, I gave it a really good go and failed outstandingly. So then I came up with some alternatives if you're don't a) have a whole team of people doing your hair and b) only ever do messy buns because you haven't brushed it. As an aside, the reason I look knackered in these vines is because I was up all night chasing mice around the bedroom of my new flat. Tried to get them involved in the vines, but they weren't interested in boho waves.

New season hair: The Twist 

Apparently it's all about strong, harsh ponytail twists that hang like a rat's tail. Models wear minimal makeup and slick the ponytail back so it looks almost androgynous except you've got a big twisty ponytail. Anyway, here's what happened when I gave it my all (used Schwarzkopf Professional Texture Hair Styling Wax btw): 

Yeah. Not great is it. Basically, you need to pin it loads at the top otherwise the twist just loosens and looks absolutely crap.

Thankfully there's an alternative that is exactly the same, except you plait the ponytail rather than twisting it. Still looks like a rat's tail (I've got rats and mice on the brain), still looks acceptably 90s and yet compellingly contemporary (haha jargon) and still will make any family member over 70 say 'What have you done with your hair it looks like an alien'. Which is the whole aim, obviously. 

New season hair: Boho Waves 

Or, as they should be called, Fucking Boho Waves. Just because I can never get them right no matter how great my curling tongs are (Remington Curl Revolution, it isn't your fault, it's my hair's fault. Even hairdressers have failed to make my hair curl and sworn during their attempts) and it's my life aim to have wavy hair. Here's what happened when I curled it: 

Fascinatingly similar to my natural straight hair, save for a weird kink at the bottom.

For anyone with frustratingly non-boho hair, there is an alternative: putting your hair in a high bun, hairspraying the bejesus out of it (I used Tresemme Freeze Hold, waiting a few minutes (read a book!) then letting it down while doing more scrunching and spraying. It may not last that long, because nothing lasts long with straight hair, but keep doing it every few hours to up the wave factor. 

If you regularly nail both of these hairstyles, they should take you right through to Summer when we'll be told that plaits, heidi-style buns, and surfer waves (exactly the same as Fucking Boho Waves) are 'really in'. And, just like now, you can try them all out once before reverting immediately back to your comfort zone - in my case, messy buns and the odd ponytail if I'm feeling absolutely batshit. 

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