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Print Emojis And Selfies Onto Your Nails With Nailbot

Print Emojis And Selfies Onto Your Nails With Nailbot

The Debrief: There's a new gadget that promises to print emojis straight onto your nails. GIMME!

Well this little gadget has pretty much nailed it (sorry!) when it comes to manicures. From the rise and rise of London based WAH nails to the super cool Instagram inspired nail art ideas that basically everyone has tried (and in my case failed epically at) replicating at least once, if you’re not trying some funky shit on your nails, you’re missing out.

But as per the aforementioned epic fails that result whenever I try do anything even slightly more adventurous than a simple paint job - okay, okay, fine - I can’t do that either - it’s really not that easy to just paint all this awesome stuff onto your nails. No matter what my flatmate, or those YouTube tutorials, say.

Enter basically the best invention of all time. Nailbot is a machine that prints emojis and selfies straight onto your fingernails. Working with your smartphone, Nailbot uses an app on your phone that send a picture of your chosen image to the device. Then it prints the picture directly onto your fingernails. All you have to do before is prime your nail with white polish.

The genius idea was thought up by Pree Walia, and came to existence with the help of crowdfunding website Indiegogo. ‘After struggling with giving myself manicures, I searched for an easier way to rock unique, custom nail art,’ she explained. ‘I couldn’t find a worthy solution, so we invented the Nailbot.’

Unfortunately it’s not quite available to be purchased just yet - although at a price of £132 it was kiiiiinda out of our budgets, anyway. It’s currently still in the fundraising stage on Indiegogo, with 18 days left for backers to pledge their money.

Guess it’s back to trying (and failing) at doing this ourselves. For now.

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