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Beauty Essentials Under £9 Every Fashion Editor Is Taking To LFW

9 Beauty Essentials Under £9 Every Fashion Editor Is Taking To LFW

The Debrief: London style at bargain prices

Forget races, London Fashion Week is a marathon. Arguably, the five-day event is the busiest time of year for editors. Backstage they have to dodge the brush of a make-up artist on a mission and the hot blast of hair dryers functioning in overdrive, and that’s when they’re not rushing between shows and documenting everything in sight. To see them through they rely on an army of essentials. 

Everyone who’s anyone will be there, from celebrities to street style icons, from bloggers to vloggers and the elite of the creative class. To make sure they have the right arsenal of products to hand at all time they’ve thought ahead and stocked up on quick fix, yet indispensable skin care and make-up products. Lucky for the rest of us, these remedies aren’t as expensive as you’d think.

Being the nosy person that I am, I delved into the handbags of my fellow writers, stylists and magazine girls to see what they rely on to get them through this testing time. Staying hydrated and healthy it is imperative at this time of year, so they won’t leave the house without both hand sanitizer and multi-purpose balm. To ensure they don’t need to top up their make-up throughout the day, NYX’s long-lasting setting spray keeps their concealer and blusher in place. But, just in case they do need to dab on a little more on they came prepared with a set of Instagrammable brushes (obviously), like those from Spectrum or Anna Sui. 

 1. Lush, Bubblegum Lip Scrub, £5.95

2. Nivea, Invisible Black & White Clear Anti-Perspirant, £2.29, Superdrug 

3. Margaret Dubbs London, Hand Sanitizer, £9, Net-A-Porter


4. NYX Professional Makeup, Make Up Setting Spray, £7

5. Anna Sui, Applicator & Brush, £5, ASOS 

6. Barry M, Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops, £6.99 


7. 3ina, The Longwear Lipstick, £7.95, Feel Unique 

8. Spectrum Collections, Killer Cheek Bones, £8.99 

9. Lanolips, Banana Balm, £8.99 Feel Unique 

London Fashion Week 2017: As It Happens

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