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Le Mini Macaron Is The At Home Gel Nail Varnish Kit You Need In Your Life

Le Mini Macaron Is The At Home Gel Nail Varnish Kit You Need In Your Life

The Debrief: Gel manicure from the comfort of your own home? Go on then.

What if I told you you could get Instagram worthy gel-nails from the comfort of your sofa? You’d be keen, right? Well then, let me introduce you to Le Mini Macaron. The (adorable) LED light promising to give you long lasting gel nails over and over. Is it actually worth it though? 

First up, how much does this thing cost?

Considering getting your nails done is now a monthly occurrence for most 20-something women, a Le Mini Macaron pack will cost you about the same as a decent salon gel manicure. 35 euros, and then that’s it – you’re good to go and have the kit at home so you can do your nails whenever, or wherever. 

But what does the kit include? 

It includes the cutest little LED light, in the shape of a macaron of course. A nail file and something to push your cuticles down with, little varnish remover pads – I think there’s 10, then the actual nail varnish. Each pack only comes with one nail varnish, in the same colour as your LED light. This is probably the only fault, because varnishes then cost around £14 so if you want to change your colours up, you have to spend more money. 

Which colours do they have? 

Errrrm every colour under the sun? I tested out the ‘Cherry Red,’ the ‘Cassis’ and the ‘Peach.’ The red was a standout favourite for me, with Cassis coming a close second. I loved the colour of the peach, but found the colour wasn’t as strong and it came out a little streaky, probably because it was lighter than the other too. That being said, if you were really careful and not impatient like me, you could probably do a better job and the colour would be stronger. 

Are they actually as good as a salon manicure, though?

The peach wasn’t, I’ll be honest. I found it cheap easily and within 3 days I needed to take it off. The reds, however, definitely were. They lasted ages, and I got lots of compliments on how great my nails looked. I also found that my nails felt stronger after taking the polish off – rather than brittle and weak when salon gel nails eventually get picked off. I don’t know if they use a different formula, but my nails definitely look a lot healthier now without polish than they have in a long time.

Is it worth the money? 

I think it is, I know I’ll use this product again and again instead of going into a salon. Like I mentioned earlier, I do think the nail varnishes alone should be cheaper, but there’s no rule book saying you can source your own gel nail varnishes from Amazon or elsewhere to then use with your LED light. 

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