Angela Hui | Contributing Writer | Saturday, 21 March 2015

How To Get Ace Marbled Nails Using An Old Bit Of Kitchen Cling Film

The Debrief: Got half an hour to kill this afternoon? We're pretty sure you can do this without leaving the house or spending any money

Why use rolls of spare clingfilm lying around to cover up last night’s stinky tuna pasta? Instead of using it to create some unique nail art? Damn straight you want some pretty nails, and you probably want them now. Right? Well you’re in luck because nail blogger, Naillion (@Naillion), has come up with some fuss-free tricks of the trade using knick-knacks that are probably collecting dust somewhere. Basically you already have access to some cool-ass looking nails you just don't know it yet. 

Before you start you will need:

·      Base coat

·      Top coat

·      White nail polish

·      Light grey nail polish

·      Dark grey nail polish

·      Clingfilm

Step One

Give your nails a quick file to neaten them up, and then apply a base coat to protect the nails and to prevent staining. – try Grow Stronger by Essie, £8.99.


Step Two

Once this has dried, paint your blank white canvas; we used Models Own Snow White, £4.99. You may need to apply two or more coats to make your nails completely opaque.

Step Three

Make sure all your nails are entirely dried before raiding your kitchen cupboards for some clingfilm. If you’re without clingfilm you can buy it from most supermarkets or online at good old Amazon (what can’t you buy on Amazon?).

Step Four

Take your clingfilm and lightly scrunch it up into a small ball. Paint the scrunched up clingfilm with a light grey polish and then when still wet dab it onto your white nails.


Step Five

Repeat this process but with a darker grey to create a marble effect. If you managed to get any polish on your skin just take a cotton bud with some nail polish remover and carefully get rid any mess.

Step Six

Finish off with a fast-drying topcoat to blend the design together and to seal in your marble nails. Try using Seche Vite Dry fast top coat, £9.


Et voila! Amazing marbled nails without leaving the house or spending any more dosh. 

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