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DIY Glitter Lipstick

How To DIY Your Own Glitter Lipstick

The Debrief: Getting bored of your standard red lipstick? Here's how to fix that...

Does your old faithful Friday night beauty look need a little va-va-voom? If you’ve rocked a plain red pout so many times people think it’s your natural lip colour, spice up your beauty routine with an on trend glittery update. Easy to do, with a big impact.  

You’ll need

A red lippy, we used Avon Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick in ‘Ruby Shock’

Edible Cake Glitter in Jewel Cherry (hear us out, here... This gorge glittery wonder is going to make your pout shine)

A small tester pot / small empty container (we got ours in with a travel bottle set for the grand price of £1 from Primark)

DIY Glitter Lipstick


Select your lipstick of choice and using a knife, cut up into sections and place in a bowl

DIY Glitter Lipstick

Smoosh (this is the technical term, yeah guys?) with the back of a spoon so it’s mixed without too many lumps

DIY Glitter Lipstick

Pour in half the pot of cake glitter. You get serious shine from these babies, the glitter is non toxic so no worries about lip biting/eating or drinking. Mix together with a spoon, until all the glitter is combined.

DIY Glitter Lipstick

Spoon the mixture into your little pot, pop in your bag and next time your caught short for impromptu after work drinks, apply.

DIY Glitter Lipstick

Now bedazzle with your ruby pout!

Even if you don’t want to make a pot of this stuff, we highly recommend bunging the glitter in your bag for a night out. It works so well just dabbed on top of red lipstick and when applied with your finger the glitter almost binds together, giving an amazing holographic shine that’ll last all night.

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Photography: Jenny Brownlees
Model: Lauren Marshall at Tyne Tees Models

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