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Halloween Skeleton Face Tutorial With Stuff From Your Makeup Bag

Halloween Skeleton Face Tutorial With Stuff From Your Makeup Bag

The Debrief: Half skeleton so people you can still demonstrate what you actually look like if you see someone you fancy.

When you're busy and don't have time to go out and queue for two hours to buy white face paint this Halloween, why not turn to your makeup bag? Turn to it, open it, and use it on your face to make this top notch half-skeleton face. We've gone for a half skeleton so, if you go out, people will still fancy you a bit because they can see half of your face - I know some people like to pull on Halloween. I don't. I like to bury myself at a crossroads, fully nude, and bark like a dog at the gibbeous moon. But we're all different, and that's what makes the world a rich place. 

Anyway, here are the steps to make a half-skeleton with your makeup bag - if I can do it, you can. Becaause I'm no more of an artist than the next person who buries themselves nude at crossroads. 

Step 1: Segment your face


Using liquid eyeliner (I used Collection Extreme 24 Hour, £2.99, segment your face like a good scary orange. Two lines right down the middle, and the less straight they appear the better. Nobody would have a very straight half skeleton divide. Now take a deep red lipstick, a lip brush (palettes are good - this one is by Seventeen's All Out Pout, £7.99, and smudge that colour all in the middle. Dab it. Make it look messy because your face is supposed to be coming apart. 

Step 2: Contour your face


Using black eye shadow and white eye pencil (Rimmel Soft Khol Kajal Eye Pencil, £2.99,, sweep the black down the side of your hairline and then under your cheekbone. If you don't have cheekbones, now's the time to make one. Draw, in black eyeliner, a cheekbone in the middle of the contouring you've just done and blend it with a little brush. I used the lip brush again and that worked fine. 

Step 3: Mouth your face


Highlight your face with the white eye liner/shadow on your cheek and next to the gross skin tear you've created. It's starting to look weird right? Now draw vertical lines over your mouth and to the side of your face. Then a horizontal one from the corner of your mouth to the end of the vertical ones. Reading this is like poetry, isn't it? 

Step 4: Finish your face 

Time to skullify. Prod your eye socket with black eyeshadow and either line it, or don't line it. Highlight it with some more white eyeliner, do any necessary touch ups and you're good to go terrify the bejeesus out of small children/your boss. 

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