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Hair Nails: The Gross New Beauty Trend We Really Don\'t Need In Our Lives

Hair Nails: The Gross New Beauty Trend We Really Don't Need In Our Lives

The Debrief: But how would you go to the toilet???

There’s been 3D nail art, nail piercings, and those uncomfortably long pointy stiletto nails that everyone had for a while - but visual illusion artist Dain Yoon has taken the whole thing five steps further by attaching long hair strands to her talons. And each one is painted with a tiny picture of her face with different expressions. It’s equal parts really weird and kind of cool - you can't knock her creativity. 

Last week it was impossible to scroll through Instagram without coming across a picture of ‘braided’ eyebrows, and now @designdain’s smiling mini nail portraits and their tiny wigs are filling up the Explore page. It’s obvious she’s massively talented - the rest of her profile is full of amazing photo-real makeup looks giving herself multiple faces, blending into her furniture, and eyes on her knees - but there’s something extra creepy about a miniature grinning face with hair on the end of a nail. Her work has attracted plenty of attention online, and Yoon posted an update thanking worldwide media outlets for making her an ‘internet breaking girl’. 



Thank you for your worldwide attention to my new work and featuring my art works including @Mashable, @Buzzfeed, @Allure, @Cosmopolitan, @TeenVogue,@BoredPanda, @Yahoo, @Metro, @MTV, @Popsugar, @PedestrianTV, @Metdaan, @IndianExpress etc. So called 'internet breaking girl' catched my mind. □□□

A post shared by Dain Yoon 윤다인 (@designdain) on Sep 11, 2017 at 8:52am PDT


The nails have been making people squirm, wishing they could rid the image from their brains, and generally being spooked out:



So: while this is a highly unlikely trend to catch on in real life (like how would you wash your hands? Make a drink? Do just about anything, let alone go to the loo?) the internet again shows how your freaky beauty looks can get you trending online. 


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