Arianna Chatzidakis | Contributing Writer | Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Glossier sunscreen

Glossier Is Launching A Sunscreen That Will Save Your Summer Skin

The Debrief: After two years in the making, it's finally here.

Fellow Glossier lovers, gather round: news just in is that the New York-based cult beauty brand is soon to launch a revolutionary sunscreen. And as a result, the skincare product, which has apparently taken two years to formulate, is already set to be a sell-out.

Details on the launch are still being kept under wraps, but based on founder Emily Weiss' blog post, we know that the sunscreen is called Invisible Shield. Unlike other sunscreens, which can be thick and greasy, Glossier's one is clear, thin, and has a serum-like formula, making it a real game-changer.

glossier sunscreen

Credit: Glossier Instagram

In her blog post on Into The Gloss, Emily described the sunscreen: 'It's like water on the skin. And it smells good. And it doesn't get in the way of any makeup you might want to apply afterward. And it blocks UVA, UVB, free radical damage, and other pollution grossness that you might come up against while trying to live your best life.' Sounds dreamy.

As for the packaging, it's no doubt going to look as chic and 'super sexy' as every other Glossier product on the market.

Apparently, sunscreen has been Glossier's number one requested product since the brand's launch, and according to Emily, 'you'll get to meet it later this week.' So, if you're keen to get your mitts on Invisble Shield, you're going to need to keep a close eye on Glossier's social media pages, and act quickly when the product is released. In the meantime, we recommend making some room on your bathroom shelf...

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