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False Eyelashes: How To Put Them On And Wear Them

False Eyelashes: How To Put Them On And Wear Them

The Debrief: A no bullshit guide to applying fake eyelashes. They're hard, guys.

False eyelashes, for me, are like the holy grail of makeup. If you can wear them, then you're basically immortal and there'll be an Indiana Jones film written about you (still waiting for this). Having never really worn them, I gave it a bash and documented the experience for your enjoyment and knowledge-gathering. 

Turns out, when people tell you to put them on with tweezers, they're lying. And when people tell you not to also wear eyeliner with them, they're also lying. 

Putting them on using fingers, then a bit of tweezers

The most important thing, I'm told, is to make sure the glue is a bit tacky (or sticky) before applying them, so wait about 30 seconds between applying the glue and sticking them on your face. Then, spread your eyelids flat and shove them on as close to the lash line as you can, starting from the inside (don't go too far in like I did, leave a teeny tiny gap - as you can fill anything in with eyeliner later) and pressing out. Then take the handle of a tweezer and squash that shit into place like there's no tomorrow. 

It wasn't the easiest thing in the world, but I managed it after just one failed attempt which made me feel a bit like I'd climbed a mountain. And then put false eyelashes on correctly. 

Putting them on using tweezers 

Don't do this. It's bullshit. They fall all over the place and then look shit, and by the time you've got them on your eyes the glue has totally dried and you can't move them into the correct place. Ill-advised. 

Wearing makeup with them

I gave eyeshadow a go and then immediately took it off because, with false eyelashes, it looks a bit much. Like you've not only tried too hard but become the mayor of Town Trying Too Hard. Thankfully you can fix any gaps, and extend the cat's eye with a liner - I'd go for a felt tip one (I used Soap & Glory Supercat Fat Eyeliner from Boots but you can get a thinner version which also works well) because liquid liner will get messy ad you'll end up with a black lagoon around your eyes. Line underneath the eyes, but just the outside third and join it up with the cats eye to make it look like your eyes are fucking massive. I know this because I have tiny mouse eyes and LOOK AT THE RESULT, BITCHES. Mascara on the bottom lids if you're feeling fruity, then draw a line of flesh-coloured liner underneath it all (and in the inner corner) to really "finish off the look". Haha finish off the look. Dying of jargon right now. 

Or you could just not wear them. It's your life. 

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