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Everyone\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Talking About Glitter Lips

Everyone's Talking About Glitter Lips

The Debrief: One works nicely, one rips your face off. Don't opt for the latter.

Everyone’s doing glitter lips and it makes you look like a party alien, so why not give it a go? Well, it’s hard to know what route to take – do you opt for one of these special glitter lips kits with lip glue, or just give it a go yourself?

I decided to risk it all (I got glitter in my mouth and sneezed some out of my nose, it was a difficult day) and try both methods to see which is best. 

Turns out, one absolutely ruins your mouth and the other works really well. But which one? 

Glitter Lips lip kit  

Price: £12.50 

How to do it: The kit comes with white lip glue that you apply to dry and clean lips. I’d eaten a sandwich about three minutes prior and had some mayo residue, but it didn’t affect the quality of application. You apply the lip glue and wait until it goes clear and tacky, then put the glitter on using either a lip brush if you’re fancy or your own finger if you’re normal. I used my finger and it went everywhere, so probably put the loose gritty tub on a sheet of kitchen roll and prepare for glittery thighs. 


The pros: So easy to apply, stayed on for ages, and so hard-wearing you could probably even kiss with it. Except your lips feel old and crackly so it’d be like kissing a tortoise or a very old rock. 

The cons: Getting this off is a fucking nightmare. I used make-up wipes and rubbed it, which was inadvisable because it ripped the outer layer of my lips off. I had to wait ages before doing the second vine because I looked like Kylie Jenner and not in a good way. In an upsetting way.

After the lip assault, I coated them in Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream because it solves all problems, but I’d probably never use this again because of how harsh it was on my poor mouth. 

Look, and learn:



DIY your own 

Price: However much some lip gloss and a tub of glitter cost. I used Mac because I am in The Debrief office and they have fancy things. The lip gloss – or Lip Glass, as they call it – is £14.50 and the tubs of glitter (I went for the Silver one and it’s £16).

How to do it: Basically as above, but using the lip gloss and glitter of your choice. Put the gloss on, put the glitter on using your finger or a cotton bud/lip brush. 


 The pros: It looks excellent, and doesn’t ruin your lips. Also, very easy to apply. Stays on reasonably well, too.

 The cons: It didn’t stay on quite as well as the lip glue kit, but you’d still be able to have a good night in it. I can tell it’s a bit hard-wearing from how long it took to get off. I snorted some of it, and nearly had a heart attack as was convinced it was going to get into my eye and I’d have glittery pupils or get cancer (doesn’t everything give you cancer?). 

 See, it does stay on but it doesn’t rip quite as much of your lip off: 




Do it yourself, mate. Although to be honest, after finding glitter in my hair hours after and still picking it off my tights, I’m going to bow out of this trend and say it’s not for me. Or anyone who is a bit messy. If you can’t eat a sandwich without getting mayo all over your face, probably don’t fuck with loose glitter. 

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