Stevie Martin | Staff Writer | Friday, 23 October 2015

Drunk Makeup: Which Mascaras Are Best When You\'re Drunk?

Drunk Makeup: Which Mascaras Are Best When You're Drunk?

The Debrief: We been drinkin'... And putting on mascara.

You know how it is. You've been drinkin', you've been drinkin' and you're all up in the cloob (club a la Beyonce) but then you have to reapply your mascara. And you get it all over around your eyes (because who buys waterproof mascara specifically for dancing in?) then half an hour later start drunk-crying over your ex and find it's now made huge streaks down your face like war paint.

But not all mascaras do this. Some are perfect for when you've been drinking, sweating, and crying. To separate the mascara-wheat from the mascara-chaff, Stevie Martin (staff writer) and Chemmie Squier (editorial assistant) drank a bottle of vodka and tested out mascaras. They smudged it. They tried to cry over Mufasa dying in The Lion King. They poured water on their faces. They wrote about it in third person (hello, Stevie here). 

Which mascaras reigned supreme and which should you never, ever wear when drunk? Check out the video to find out. 

Products tested: Maybelline Colossal, £6.99, L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes, £7.99, Too Faced Better Than Sex, £16, Benefit Roller Lash, £19.50.

Alcohol drunk: The best part of a bottle of vodka.

Drinking alcohol is strictly for over 18s. Always drink responsibly. None of the mascara brands featured have endorsed this video.

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