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DIY Blusher in Whatever Colour You Want

DIY Blusher in Whatever Colour You Want

The Debrief: For when you fancy purple cheeks but just aren’t into commitment

Makeup trends are always evolving, which is great for experimentation, but bad for your wallet. Yes, the models at that haute couture show looked amazing in their red blusher, but does that now mean you have to make another trip to the makeup counter? Does the chemist even do red blush? Before you invest those hard earned pounds on a colour that might not even look great on your skin tone, why not do a test run with some crayons and your moisturizer?

This DIY blusher is not only easy as pie, you probably have all the things you need laying around your flat anyway. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

Crayons, a candle, moisturiser (or plain old petroleum jelly if your skin isn’t sensitive), a metal ladle, and a container for the blusher (I recommend using empty eyeshadow palette for easy storage, but I’m using a lid and it worked just fine).  

Peel your crayons. 

Put small pieces into your ladle and melt them under the candle. 

Add in a bit of moisturiser or petroleum jelly. 

Pour the mixture out into your container. Pop it into the fridge for 5-10 minutes. 

Finished! Apply with makeup sponge or your fingers.

If you put them into an empty eyeshadow palette, you can have all the colours your heart desires.

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