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Disposable Razors Tried And Tested

Disposable Razors Tried And Tested

The Debrief: Which ones did and didn't make the cut... (get it?)

Leg shaving is a tedious but inevitable part many of our bath/shower/whatever routines (unless you're organised enough to wax your legs or CBA to do any sort of depilation, in which case power to you). And if you're going to drag a razor up and down your skin, chopping errant hairs off as you go, you might as well use a good one, amirite? One of those blade replacement posh razors is all well and good, but what about a good, old fashioned, quick and dirty disposible one? We put these high street disposible razors to the test to see which passed the test with flying colours and which ones sliced off half of our skin and left us with a 5 o'clock shadow on our calves. 

Chemmie - Editorial Assistant 

Boots’ Single Blade Sensitive Disposable Razors (10 Pack), £0.89

disposable razors

I was not looking forward to using this razor. People were quick to warn me about the cuts I'd inevitably get and the shaving rash that was written into my destiny. But low and behold, I was actually really bloody impressed with this razor. I used it on my legs with shaving cream (it makes such a difference guys, trust) and it did a really good job. I didn't even cut myself when I did my knees. My only criticism is that it didn't work well under my arms because it only has one blade and the hair's a lot coarser there. But for the legs? Total winner and such a steal.


Sophie - News Editor 

Wilkinson Sword Extra 2 Beauty Disposable Razors (10 pack), £4.59

disposable razor

I tried out a Wilkinson Sword disposable razor on my legs but I’m afraid to stay I’m going to stick with the Venus shaver I normally use. At first, I went carefully because I’m not used to it, but each stroke upwards stung me a bit, and it took more strokes than normal to get the job done. A few hours later, my legs are a bit dry and still stinging/itching. It makes me feel quite alive but I really wouldn’t risk shaving my armpits with this razor – they’d feel pretty raw, especially with deodorant on top of them. I also don’t feel like I got the closest shave; I’m one goosebump moment away from a leg-full of stubble.


Jess - Culture Editor 

BIC® Disposable Razor Twin Lady Sensitive (5 Pack), £1.79

disposable razor

Right, this might not be a fair judgement because I normally use the Wilkinson Sword Intuition razor which basically is the king of all razors (an impossible to cut yourself with) but I was not impressed with the Bic Razor. It felt like I was pulling a layer of my skin off along with the hair. I didn't get a rash (which I have done before with cheap razors) but my skin did feel pretty dry afterwards. Also, I am very clumsy and I felt very concerned I would cut myself. But maybe that says more about me than the razor.


Natalia - Deputy Creative Editor

Wilkinson Sword Extra 3 Beauty Disposable Razors (4 pack), £3.49

disposable razor

Wasn't too bad, but the shave wasn't very close and it stung quite a lot, felt a bit cheap in terms of holding it / the plastic bit 

I have been using my ex boyfriends man razor for over a year (no joke) so in terms of comparison it's much the same - ha! 

6/10 – pink wilkinson 

Anna - Creative Editor 

Gillette Simply Venus 3 Plus Disposable Razors (4 pack), £3.82

disposable razor

I really like this razor not just because it looks super cute, but it’s not expensive and does the job. The head rotates nicely to get a close shave. I ended up with a lot of strips on un-shaved leg but I put that down to haste over anything else. Overall I would buy this razor, it’s great for a disposable but just doesn’t compare to a blade replacement one. 


Rebecca  - Acting Editor

Gillette Mach 3 Disposable Razors (3 Pack), £8.29

disposable razor

So it’s interesting because men don’t pay VAT on razors, whereas women do - does this mean we’re paying for a superior product though? My men’s razor by Gillette was pretty good – definitely a close shave, which is probably why it’s the best a man can get. The only thing is it was quite hard to manoeuvre it round my legs, which is normally much easier with a girl’s razor – maybe they make the heads more flexible, for getting round your knees? Actually looking at my legs now, they’re already looking a bit 5 o’clock shadow–y, which isn’t ideal, so maybe I’ll go back to my Wilkinson Sword (pink) razor for the ladies next time.

7/10 -  bonus point for being cheaper than women’s razors

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