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The New Make-Up Line By Bleach London Is Everything You’d Expect And More

The New Make-Up Line By Bleach London Is Everything You’d Expect And More

The Debrief: Mic. Drop.

When Sam Teasdale and Alex Brownsell opened Bleach London salon in east London, it focused on one thing: colour. As fearless dip-dye originators, they became the common denominator behind the the edgy ombre roots of Florence Welch, M.I.A and Ellie Goulding. Seven years later, the pair are back again to disrupt the beauty market with their newly launched make-up range. Working in collaboration with Sam’s sister Lou, who shot to fame as One Direction’s groomer, Bleach London have overhauled their branding just in time for their beauty debut. Here are six things Lou Teasdale wants you to know about the bold new Bleach London:


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1. If You Already Have Rainbow Hair, You’ll Be Sold

‘We based the colours on the hair dyes. We started by sending Pantones of the shades to the factory, but it didn’t work out with them matching because we wanted them to be wearable, so they are complementary colours rather than exact matches. You can wear the rose hair dye and make-up without looking bright pink.’


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2. The Make-Up Is Very Wearable

'If you look at the colours, there aren’t that many garish shades. The oranges and the blues, for instance, are wearable versions of the hair colours we sell. Though Bleach London colours can seem scary we’ve taken the edge off them, so we’ve made it a dirty green or a dirty peach, rather than primary colours.’


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3. Glitter Just Got Easier To Apply

‘We’ve designed pressed glitters, which are really cool because they don’t need glue and they can just sit in your palette alongside your contours, highlighter sand eyeshadows.


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4. The Brushes Are Tried And Tested

‘There are 14 make-up brushes in the range and they are based on what I have used in my career and what I have always wanted.’


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5. It’s Vegan

‘As we have a lot of followers we can see what they are really conscious of and what’s important to them, which is why we made all of our products vegan.’


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6. It’s Eco-Friendly

‘All of the plastic and the cardboard packaging has been changed to recycled materials, and we have been trying to reduce all the packaging waste. And we have designed these pick-and-mix palettes to help reduce waste, so you don’t have palettes full of colours you don’t use because you only like one shade. It’s about picking the things you want, whether it’s blusher, glitter or eye shadows, so it’s a palette for your whole face that can just fit in your bag.'

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