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Drunk Makeup: Super Easy Hairstyles You Can Do Even When Off Your Tits

The Debrief: Which hairstyles can you actually do and look half-decent when you've sunk almost a whole bottle of vodka?

Oh, hair. You are great but you don’t half get in the way when we’re trying to bust a groove. Then, to make matters worse, you end up plastered all over our foreheads from the ridiculous amount of sweat we’re expelling (we’re dancing, hard, obviously).

This all means only one thing – a trip to the ladies and an attempt at making it look half decent when you’re so worn out from fist-pumping to Olly Murs (what???) you can barely hold your arms up.

So, once again, we took a trip into unchartered and very drunk waters, to find out what hair you can actually do and still look semi-OK when you’re smashed. 

The Alcohol Drunk: A frankly shocking amount of vodka – almost a whole bottle. No, seriously.

The Products We Used: Hair bands, a comb and a hairbrush.

The Drinkers: The Debrief's staff writer, Stevie and editorial assistant, Chemmie.

Now down it.

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