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Apparently The Fact That We're All Getting Bobs Is A Sign That The Economy's Improving. Hurrah!

The Debrief: They're not just a really great hairstyle after all...

You've probably seen a few bobs and crops floating around recently; Sienna Miller, Margot Robbie, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Scarlett Johansson, we even have four resident bobs in The Debrief office… So it's pretty obvious that any hair chin length or shorter is basically having a moment. 

Apparently though, bobs stand for a bit more than just a really great hair cut. Talking to The Sunday Times, celebrity hairdresser Stuart Phillips said he believes that shorter hairstyles are a sign of economic upturn because they need more maintenance compared to longer styles. 'With short hair your need to keep it in shape. With long hair, a lot of women just tend to leave it for months on end.' As some one with very long hair who hasn't had a haircut in over a year (a combination of money and laziness), I'm testament to this. 

And lets not forget the products which you need to keep that that bob or pixie cut perfectly coiffed; 'I meet people on a daily basis and they seem to be spending far more money on their hair. Products are flying off the shelf, more than they used to – even a few months ago,' Stuart explained.

So maybe if you're thinking of going for the chop any time soon, have a quick think about whether your bank balance can handle trims on the reg. Because they might look uber cool, but it's not much use when you can't afford to leave the house to show it off.

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