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Guess What’s Back, Back Again: Aldi’s Caviar Cream Returns

Guess What’s Back, Back Again...Aldi’s Caviar Cream Returns

The Debrief: Aldi's budget beauty cream that rivals luxury La Prairie caviar cream is back, but we're sure it won't stick around for long...

Remember the infamous caviar skin care range released by Aldi a while back? Well, the sell-out range has been resurrected once again and is also predicted to be flying off the shelves pretty damn quick (same as last time, then) as Aldi has confirmed they’re only back for a limited time. 

When the skin care range first hit Aldi stores last year, the anti-aging creams were selling out like hot cakes and not before long, people were soon listing the out of stock items on eBay - for almost three times their retail prices. Last week, Aldi’s own brand Lacura launched the return of their famous Caviar Illumination range in their stores across the UK.

The (budget!) indulgence range consists of day creams, night creams, as well as masks and wipes that are packed with caviar elements alongside vitamins and minerals. If you know nothing about the range (where have you been?!) don’t panic, Aldi’s official website gives detailed information on each of the products available.

Lacura Vs. La Prairie 

Aldi’s caviar creams have been constantly compared to the extortionately priced La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream (whew, mouthful), which retails at £228. With that price tag, is it any wonder people are going crazy for Aldi’s dupe!? 

Aldi’s Lacura Caviar Illumination range starts at just £1.29 and the most expensive item in the range is still a fraction of La Prairie’s cost at just £12.99. There is even the most amazing gift set of creams that would make the perfect Christmas present – though it’s unlikely they will still be available to buy close to Christmas. 

Okay, back to the comparisons; according to expert cosmetic formulator, Georgios Tzenichristos, the La Prairie cream is the better of the two, however, also he also commented that the ingredients in the expensive cream do ‘not at all justify the price’ and that people are without a doubt paying for the brand. 

Commenting on Aldi’s Caviar Illumination range, Tzenichristos said the ingredients are without a doubt worth more than what they are being sold for, and that they could be sold for onwards of £30. Even the experts agree definitely agree you’re getting a lotta bang for your buck with Aldi.

So, are Aldi’s skincare products really that good? Well, let’s just say we were left pretty damn impressed when we reviewed the range a few months back. 

Where can I buy the products from? A few of the items are available to buy on the Aldi website now, though the majority of the products from the range are in-store only, so you may need to nip in-store, depending on what takes your fancy! (Find your nearest store here.)

According to Aldi, the products are available for a limited time only. So be quick...once they’re gone, they’re gone!

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