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Adele Knows She\'s Made It When She Goes For A Poo

Adele Knows She's Made It When She Goes For A Poo

The Debrief: You know you're a superstar when going for a poo makes you realise it

What do you do when you sit on the loo? Maybe you sit and contemplate life's great mysteries, check your Instagram feed or play Candy Crush. For Adele, going for a poo is a pretty epic moment because it's when she realises she's Made It.

In an interview with heat, they asked her 'Do you ever just sit down and think "Man, I've done good…"?' Adele responded with 'Every day. When I go for a poo and see all my awards, I think, "Wow, I did good." That's the truth. [Laughs]'

In case you are wondering why the hell that's when she realises she's a superstar and not when she's selling out arena tours and heaving the fastest ever selling album, it's because Adele keeps her awards in her bathroom. So settling down for some quality toilet time doesn't involve in-depth Facebook scrolling like the rest of us; she's reminded of how great she is, even when she's wiping her bum. Alright for some. 

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