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9 Girls That Will Make You Want To Get A Bob STAT

9 Girls That Will Make You Want To Get A Bob STAT

The Debrief: Looking for some new-hair inspo? Look no further...

Apparently people get bobs when the economy's good. I'd be lying if I said I knew whether that was true or not right now (according to my bank account, the economy is consistently very bad), but what I do know is that bobs are totally bossing it right now. So if you're thinking of changing up your barnet, here's nine girls that are going to absolutely convince you that the bob is the way to go.    

Megan Ellaby

Best Bobs: Megan Ellaby


Barbara 'The Persian Babe' 

Best Bobs: The Persian Babe


Becky Tong

Best Bobs: Becky Tong


Alexa Chung

Best Bobs: Alexa Chung


Estée Lalonde 'Essie Button'

Best Bobs: Estée Lalonde 'Essie Button'


Pandora Sykes

Best Bobs: Pandora Sykes


Shope Delano

Best Bobs: Shope Delano


Alex Stedman 'The Frugality'

Best Bobs: Alex Stedman 'The Frugality'


Patricia Bright

Best Bobs: Patricia Bright

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