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5 Things I Realised When I Went Blonde For Fashion Week

5 Things I Realised When I Went Blonde For Fashion Week

The Debrief: Blondes eat more pizza

I decided to go blonde 4 days before London Fashion Week. Risky timing, I suppose, but it was the first appointment that I could get with the very-highly-recommended-because-she’s-bloody-amazing Ellie at Myla and Davis in East Dulwich. My hair was naturally light brown and I was bored with it, basically, and started fixating on going blonde. So I did, and I love it, and these are the thoughts that I had.

1. It makes you realise how people normally view you 

Changing my hair became an interesting social experiment on how people see me. Reactions ranged from ‘did you cut your hair?’ to ‘holy fuck’, but my hands down favourite was ‘you look like some kind of heroine’, which is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me – especially at a fashion party.

2. You instantly look ‘done’ with blonde hair

Which is good, because I tend to look a bit ‘undone’ most of the time. And not in a nonchalant French way – in a scruffy university student way.

3. It’s also easier to look tired or washed out when you're blonde 

But this is easily fixed with some bronzer and a shit ton of coffee

5 Things I Realised When I Went Blonde For Fashion Week

4. Red lipstick is a fucking godsend, and should be worn at all times

Nars have a killer red, and I’ve also been enjoying Bourjois’ Rouge Edition Velvet, which dries on and then doesn’t come off, even when you eat an entire Pizza and drink 3 glasses of red wine on a Wednesday night – which I did, just to be sure.

5. Blondes only have more fun if they want to

I may have changed my hair, but I am still the same person who prefers pubs to clubs and a whole baked camembert to canapés. Although if you ask me, nothing says fun like a cheeseboard. 

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