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Vines baby oil

5 Beauty Uses For Baby Oil. Demonstrated In Vines

The Debrief: It's not made of babies. But it is useful for all sorts of beauty things.

Baby oil isn't, as you may think, made of babies - but it's renowned for being so gentle you can put it all over a baby and not worry about it being irritated. Physically, not emotionally (nobody likes having oil put on them without their consent). 

Apart from moisturising babies, and moisturising yourself, Johnson's baby oil is a lot more versatile than you'd think. And no, I'm not talking about lube, I'm talking about beauty uses. It belongs in everyone's beauty cupboard (or shoebox, or tray, or plastic bag) because not only is it cheap, but you can do all this stuff with it:  NB: really, really don't use it as a lube - here's why. OK, on you go. 

1. An eye makeup remover


So benefit's They're Real mascara is so tough to remove, that benefit itself had to come up with a new eye makeup remover, just to get it off people's eyes. Baby oil, however, cruises through (i.e. removes it adequately) without you having to pull and tug at the sensitive bit around les yeux. That's French for eye, ja? That's German for yes.  Anyway, the eye shadow melted off and it only takes a few sweeps until the eye is totally clear. If you need to apply makeup again, because perhaps your eye makeup looks shit and you need to redo it, rather than you taking it off for the night, then use another makeup remover to get the oil residue off. It'll come off easily and you can start again. 

2. A lipstick remover 

We're not talking lipstick. We're talking that lip paint that stays on for 24 hours and, when you wake up after a party, you've still got bits of red around your mouth like you've been eating people throughout the night.  This takes it off in literally seconds. Amazing. Bow down. It slays. Etc. 

3. A frizz remover

As someone with naturally straight hair, I don't have the most frizz, but what frizz I do have is fully tamed by baby oil. When I've got my hair slicked back and that little baby hair stuff is fannying around by my forehead, baby oil works to smooth it down. Never put it straight onto your hair though, as you'll turn into a grease ball. Put one drop onto tissue paper, fold the tissue paper and dab it about so it spread and absorbs a bit, then smooth over the frizz. 

4. A shaving prepper

If you want to soften hairs before shaving, especially when they're extra spiky (like your under arms or your WAYOOOO) then popping on some baby oil beforehand will minimise shaving rash and help the hairs succumb to your mighty razor a little more easily.  I demonstrated by shaving my beard, but you can use it on any part of your body. Like your legs. 

5. A wax finisher


If you've waxed yourself, or gone for a really bad cheap one somewhere dodgy, you might be left with wax residue. Yeah, sometimes they'll be a token aloe vera wipe in the wax strip box but if you're covered in the sort of amount that could conceivably be used to make a large pillar candle, you'll need more help. Baby oil is perfect for this and will make sure you don't stick to your own trousers.  All hail baby oil - and no, this post wasn't sponsored by baby oil. I bought a bottle myself, and I use it daily because I'm fully allergic to all scented moisturisers - another way this oily bastard can really help you out. Happy oiling.  

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