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3 Ways To Beat The Horror That Is Humidity Hair

3 Ways To Beat The Horror That Is Humidity Hair

The Debrief: Pack away your straighteners, because tools don't stand a chance. It's time to get serious...

We’re more than halfway through 2015, finished with months of ffs-it’s-freezing and those enjoyable weeks of post-winter melt. Now the parks are brimming with people reclining in the grass, head-in-hands style in cut-off shorts, and we’re starting to run out of acceptable things to wear to work. Plus, our toes are scuffed from living in sandals seven days a week. Summer has well and truly arrived. Put your fashion dilemmas on hold for a sec, because beauty maintenance is, literally, spiraling out of control.

If you have any natural wave in your hair, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Humidity is enemy number one.  Better retire the straightener and pack away the curling wand until September, because tools do not stand a chance against this kind of kryptonite. It’s heatwave season, got your water ready?

Plaits Are Your New BFF

What was previously just another a trend to try, is now your best summer asset. If your hair is on the thinner side by all means do it dry, but if your locks fall on the other end of the spectrum, start plaiting as soon as you step out of the shower.

The good news is there are myriad ways to plait your hair without going all-out Heidi (though we’re not averse to the occasional overhead braid). Look to Erdem and Armani for catwalk inspiration. The former has mastered the centre-part with a low, straight plait, while the latter requires a bit more skill: starting at the top of your hairline, French braid locks completely before winding and pinning around the back of the head.

Or, go 90s-inspired with thin braids on either side of your forehead, which serve the dual-purpose of tying up all those unwieldy baby hairs. Down the side of your neck, down the back of your head, wrapping around the crown, or in a fishtail, the plait is back in a big way. Cue applause.

Up-Do It Yourself

After scrolling through your Instagram feed, getting dressed, brushing your teeth and touching up your face (in that order), there’s little time to do something about that hair. Fortunately, throwing it all up could not be easier – or more chic this season.

A low ponytail is a good look on most face shapes, so play with your part, pull a few strands loose and let the waves work in your favour. Another personal must: the ballerina bun. It’s my go-to look when the weather wreaks havoc on my scalp. Work a serum into damp hair, then scrape all back into a high ponytail, then twist around until all strands are secure.

Too demure? Part your hair down the middle and go low with a loose chignon at the nape of your neck – or pull it off to the side for something a little less perfect.

Dolce and Gabbana and Bottega Veneta had the right idea at Fashion Week, tucking a decorative blossom or intricate comb, respectively, to steal the spotlight (and conveniently distract from any stray frizz). 

Weigh It Down

If you simply cannot part with loose locks this month, you’ll need to tame them. Daily shampooing is a no-no as it dries out the hair. More to the point, you’ll want to find a solid leave-in moisturiser (or for those with thin hair, try a cream that repairs damaged ends and work it in higher).

In general, I prefer creams to gels, which can leave hair brittle, when working with damp locks.

However, if you’re looking for height, you’ll need a hair dryer and your trusty Moroccan Oil to fix the flyaways (top tip: a pump or two of oil also works in wet hair, maintaining body without the messy curlicues when it dries). 

We’re in the thick of now, so if all else fails, find a hat. 


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