Charlie Byrne | Fashion Editor | Thursday, 5 March 2015

Your Trusty Denim Jacket + Some Old Stuff You Picked Up Travelling = Winning Boho Outfit To Wear This Weekend


Let’s call a spade a spade, denim jackets aren’t exciting. Ok some are, like Hannah Beth Fincham’s, but most of us don’t own denim jackets encrusted with jewels or studs or mermaids. Ours is the plain kind, the kind that’s been kicking around our wardrobe for about four years, so much so that it slightly smells of suntan lotion from its summer outings, and musty warmth from being shoved over chunky sweaters during the winter. It’s almost a bit gross. 

But it’s a hero. Much like your leather jacket which has had more Bacardi and cokes spilled over it than you would like to remember, your denim jacket is one of those pillars of your wardrobe that you’ve really lived in. So it’s only fair to want to give it a new lease of life and wear it again this weekend. 

First of all, wash it. Denim can look super grimy over time, and a scrub up can’t hurt. If yours is beyond repair, or you just fancy a newer shape, then check out the below.


Jacket, £35.99, Stradivarius

Now you’re going to want to do some pretty basic sums. 

First, find your suede mini skirt (I know you’ve got one, we all bought one when we wanted to be Shakira) and your old tan ankle boots. If you really don’t have either, then you can swap the boots for trainers, and the suede mini for a leather/cotton/anything one. You can add tights if you want, but c'mon guys, it's officially spring, it's almost warm, you can do this [disclaimer: we will not accept liability for any frostbite you may incur]

Dig out a plain T shirt, and find yourself a fun scarf from last summer’s wardrobe - something that feels festival appropriate, not the ‘do you wanna build a snowman’ kind. If you’re going to buy one new thing to liven up your denim jacket then a scarf or patch badge is the easiest way. 

Next, you need to find yourself a clutch bag, or cross body bag, that looks like you found it in a flea market on your travels. Dig deep and I’m pretty sure you’ve got the sort. If you don’t have the embroidered type, then some lasered leather, or a tasselled style will also work. 

The last bit? Pile on every ring you own. You’re aiming for an old curiosity shop vibe, not a bond villain look - so keep them small and stackable. 

And there you have it - you've done the boho trend with old shit in your wardrobe!

Want to pick up the bits you might not have? Here’s your shopping list. 

Skirt, £35.99, Zara, scarf, £19, Accessorize, T shirt, £9.90, Uniqlo, shoe boots, £100, Kurt Geiger, clutch bag, £110, Marianna G at Avenue 32, ring pack, £12.50, Miss Selfridge

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