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Your NTK On The World's Biggest Blogging Awards (Yep, We Were There)

The Debrief: Behind the scenes at Stylight's Fashion Influencer Awards

Did you know there is an Oscar's style awards party every year for the world's biggest most powerful fashion influencers of the web? Yep. It's a proper ceremony, where someone brings on a little envelope and the winner is announced. This year it was hosted in Berlin at a nightclub called STATTBAD which was an old abandoned swimming pool (v. edgy). The venue was packed out with the people who get the most likes on Instagram and who influence their communities the most to buy the latest season's clothes. The winner then gets zoomed in on a big screen to deliver a heartfelt speech. Just like the Oscars.

Most of the nominess of Stylight's Fashion Influencer Awards had between 500k to 5 million followers on Instagram. The "rising stars" had about 70k followers on Instagram. Most of the winners have over 2.5 million. In that room with the nominees, panel and audience the estimate combined 'social reach' of the room was predicted to be something ridiculous like 15 million. That's a lot of people and a lot of influence. 

So who was there who we actually recognised?

Well from the UK there was Jamie Laing, Oliver Proudlock (who was in the #FROW), Zara Martin and Laura Whitmore. Oh and Katie Holmes was in the vicinity for the Mark Kane show.


Who was on the panel?

Bar Rafaeli, Bryan Boy, Dutch TV host Sylvie Meis, Preminum Exhibitions CEO Anita Tillmann, and Stylight CEO Benjamin Günther.

OMG what was Bar Rafaeli like?

Obviously extremely beautiful. The male host could hardly speak when pointing his microphone at her perfectly sculpted face. He kept it together though, but asked a few strange questions like 'what's an item of clothing we've never seen you wear?' Ummmm? But she dealt with it well. Unfortunately we couldn't find her on the dance floor to ask her what Leo is like in bed.


Any good quotes from Bryan Boy?

Yep. He's a hoot! He was asked what the criteria was for judging the nominees he joked 'they just need to be hot.' Also when asked about the 'men's blogging' category he replied, 'don't ask me - I'm a girl!' Now in his 9th year of blogging, this guy certainly knows his stuff.

Any gossip?

A few of the party attendees had requested English taxi drivers. 23 brands sponsored the goodie bags which were so huge everyone had to check them into the coat room.

Who won the 'Rising Star' award?

Linda Tol, a fashion Instagrammer who we frequently rave about on The Debrief as we love her style. Linda's path into become a blogger is quite unconventional, as she first started a fashion blog with a friend 'as a joke'. It started to become popular and now she has made it into a serious business. After Linda won the award we quickly caught up with her. She told us her favourite emoji was the kiss on the mouth, her favourite filter was VSOCAM - HB1, her spirit animal was a horse - oh and here she is doing the emoji of the girl holding an invisible plate, one of our personal favourite emojis. 

Anyone else there worth knowing about?

Well one of Berlin's biggest bloggers was pretty cool - Masha Sedgwick, a 20-year-old blogger from Berlin, a nominee for 'Best German Style Blog'. How amazing is her grey hair? We asked Masha do re-create the emoji of the girls with her arms above her head.

What else happened during the show?

The stage transformed into a runway show with German brand “Tigha” showcasing their AW15/16 collection, wowing the audience with an array of effortlessly cool leather pieces.

So who won the award for 'Most Successful Blogger Business'?

These bloggers are raking in the cash. This went to Riccardo Pozzoli who, with business partner Chiara Ferragni, runs the world’s most influential blog (and now brand) “The Blonde Salad”.


Who gave the most inspirational speech?

The 'Fashion Influencer of the Year' award which went to Genevan Kristina Bazan of Kayture, award with a special recognition from Stylight. On accepting her award she said: 'It feels insane. I feel so honoured! It is really crazy because it’s a huge sign of recognition for all the work that my team and I have put into the blog. It makes me realise that if you are confident and follow your heart, amazing things will come your way.'


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