Lena deCasparis | Contributing Writer | Thursday, 12 February 2015

New York Fashion Week Is On, Here's Everyone To Follow To Totally Pretend You're There

The Debrief: Who needs to sit on a plane for seven hours when you can just click on Instagram

NYFW starts today. And while a big part of us us totally wishes we were there (Ummm the bagels!) - it's actually it's bloody cold. Freezing, in fact. So instead we've decided to stay inside and follow these major league fashion players and get the next best thing – via their rather amazing Instagram feeds? 

Here's who to click follow on:



Eva is the Ed-In-Chief of Lucky Mag and pretty much the most awesome woman going. She'll obviously be on every Frow so pics will be nice and close. Plus her shoes are always totally boss.  



Fashion week isn't fashion week without some good outfit inspo from the world of blogging. Blair Eadie Bee does NY like no other. 



Model of the moment Gigi (could her name be any fitter?) will almost certainly be walking at a fair few of the NYFW shows. Plus with Taylor and Kendall as BFFs here's bound to be a few post parties to 'like'.



Ok, so pretty much our favourite moment of last season's FW was when Opening Cermony put on their fashion play with Elle Fanning and Dree Hemmingway. So we can't wait to see what these designers have planned for this Feb's show.



No #NYFW list is complete without Leandra. She basically defines NY style with her man repelling ways. 

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DJ/It Girl/Style Hero is always a force of fashion at the shows. Plus she's best chums with Alexa, Atlanta, Leigh and co. 



Another model whose feed never disappoints is the gorgeous feed of behind the scenes at all the shows. 



So major news Chloe Sevigny has joined Instagram in time for NYFW and it's fair to say we'll be glued to her every insta move. 

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