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Stuck for ANOTHER Heatwave outfit? Check Out These Insta Girls And Get All Inspired.

What You Should Be Wearing This Week, According to These Instagram Girls

The Debrief: In case you didn't get the memo: there's a frinkin heatwave going on guys! Check out these fashionable ladies to get some tips on how to dress when you're sweaty as.

There's a freaking heatwave guys - here's how to look totally banging, even when it's 32 degrees on the bus and your hair's gone all Monica from Friends in Barbados...

Peaches and Cream 

Instagram fashion roundup

Pick a colour.. any colour and go full throttle. Oranges, peaches and salmon shades are so very summery. Snow cone optional but highly advisable. 


Stripes with a twist 

We will never, ever get bored of the breton stripe. Fact. Sometimes it's nice to jazz things up a little though. This dress is so for those balmy summer evenings - very short but with longer sleeves and a great mini turtle neck. 

Fix Up Look Sharp  

instagram fashion roundup

It's not easy dressing smart during heatwave times. An unbuttoned, crisp, short sleeved white shirt will keep you cool and swap your usual smart black trousers for some pale grey ones to avoid the burn. Go all out minimal with some blocky court shoes. 

 Blue really is a warm colour 

instagram fashion roundup

Denim, like breton, is an absolute fail safe. A colour that suits almost everyone, going pale is a great summer staple. Pale frayed denim wrap skirt teamed with a simple stripy tee and some leather gladiators and your good to go. 

Soft Furnishings

instagram fashion roundup

Go home and get inspired by your rugs. How great is this combo? Kinda reminds us of the scene in Sound of Music when Maria makes clothes out of her curtains. 

Jump up Jump up and Get Down 

instagram fashion roundup

We can't get enough of Freddie Tietcheu here at The Debrief, and we are loving this cute ensemble, for those super hawtt days. Some retro gingham and denim cutoffs- the perfect combo for festivals and BBQs alike. 

Seventies Sport Chic 

instagram fashion roundup

So simple and so so stylish. Inkeeping with the never ending 70s trend, wear a zip down collared t-shirt with  70s shaped denims for a cool city look. 

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