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What To Wear To Work On Your First Day Of A New Job

What To Wear To Work On Your First Day Of A New Job

The Debrief: Make the right kind of impression.

Starting a new job is nerve-wracking enough, but don’t make what you wear a reason to worry. Care more about learning Karen from Accounts full name and how your boss likes their tea, and leave the getting dressed to us. 

As it’s September, the weather is changeable and is likely to fluctuate from icy and rainy to humid and blue skied at least a dozen more times before you get your new desk; consider a few different outfit options the night before the big day that can be subbed in at an overcast morning’s notice. With the trees now shedding their leaves summer clothes suddenly seem too thin, too short and just too inappropriate for meeting the new team. Think about picking out something that reads ‘I like to work overtime’ to the adults in the company but makes you seem friendly and accessible while you make your lunch in the office kitchen.  Here are seven outfits that will take the fear out of your first day:

1. What To Wear To Work When…You Have To Run For The Bus 

Gold Hoop Earrings, £5, Missguided; Corset Seam T-Shirt, £16, TopshopStatement Button Cigarette Pants, £310, Whole 9 YardsBlack Drawstring Backpack, £12.50, MissguidedJump Slingback Kitten Heels, £59, Topshop

First days can be a sweaty business so take control of the situation with a smart, but breathable blouse and low heels that will give you confidence with every step. A roomy leather bag will mean you bring all your essentials with you without looking like you’re midway through moving house. 

2. What To Wear To Work When…Everyone But You Is A Creative

Lapford Mis-match Emerald Bee & Twig Earrings, £35, Finery; Slim Boyfriend White Shirt with Pleat Detail Back, £25, ASOS; Popper Side Stripe Trousers, £119, WhistlesFeline Jelly Flat Sandals, £10, ASOS

So you work in an industry like advertising where half the office is creatively minded. They are the out-the-box thinkers and dresses. You, however, have to meet clients and make the company rain with money. A white shirt and statement earrings with a smart trouser that hints (subtly) at the athleisure trend is a way to make friends with the whole office. Also, it’a non-boring way of wearing a cheap white shirt. 

3. What To Wear To Work When n…You Have To Wear A Suit

Gold Pearl Trim Hoop Earrings,£6, Missguided; Faux Leather Across Body Bag, £15, M&S Collection; Houndstooth Jacket, £390, Pinko; Frill Neck Textured Knit, £99, Whistles; Houndstooth Trousers, £210, Pinko; Lacey Wide Fit Pointed Ballet Flats, £14, ASOS

We’re not saying you have to wear this exact suit, but say your office has a strict dress code don’t just settle for any old boring blue suit. Prince of Wales check and houndstooth make up to of autumn’s key trends so consider investing in a two-piece in an on point print. We added a pink ruffled turtleneck for a touch of femininity, but if that’s not your style opt for something more classic in a more toned down hue. 

4. What To Wear To Work When…The Air-Con Is Overdrive 

Gold Plated Sterling Silver 9mm Hoop Earrings, £6, ASOS; Pure Cashmere Colour Block Jumper, £85, Marks and Spencer; Deep Davy Cocktail Stirrer Bag, £295, Sophie Hulme; Pleated Metallic A-Line Midi Skirt, £35, Marks and Spencer; Jump Slingback Kitten Heels, £59, Topshop

Currently, our air-con is set to full pelt regardless of the fact that it’s cold and grey outside. The only way of coping is by investing in warm, yet smart knitwear. This Marks and Spencer cashmere will fool you into thinking it’s more expensive than it is. And, when paired with a  pleated skirt it suddenly becomes something suitable for swishing around the office in. 

5. What To Wear To Work When…You Need To Impress In An All Women Office

Pastel Pink Small Cocktail Stirrer Bag, £295, Sophie Hulme; Tie Sleeve Wrap Dress, £46, Topshop; Picture Perfect Pointed High Heels, £30, ASOS

Some say a smart dress code is difficult to dress for, but we’d be inclined to think an all-women office is the hardest. When faced with a sea of well-dressed ladies it’s imperative you up your game. A fun yet practical bag from Sophie Hulme will score you style points, as will a midi-length wrap dress that injects a jolt brightness. 

6. What To Wear To Work When…You Work With Children 

Quilted Shoulder Bag With Chain Handle, £25, ASOS; Spotted Ruffle Short Sleeve Skater Dress, £29.50, Marks and Spencers; Ribbon Ballet, £18, ASOS

For all the teachers, nannies and carers out there a pair of flats is a no-brainer. A trendy polka dot dress and pumps mean you can run around chasing the little’uns all day without looking too schoolmarm-ish. 

7. What To Wear To Work When… You Want To Show An Ounce Of Personality

Bell Sleeve Mini Shirt Dress, £33, ASOSMai Wide Fit Leather Brogues, £35, ASOS

A shirt dress is an easy choice for looking and feeling smart, but one with a slight flare, like with flounced sleeves, will add personality to the mix. However, remember to button all the way up and wear with sensible shoes, like brogues, to ensure your new colleagues you mean business. 

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