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If You're Into Stripes And Black, Here's What To Wear This Week

The Debrief: Because they're basically our standard fall back every time we're stuck on what to wear

What are the two things we always fall back on when totally uninspired by what to wear? Black and stripes. Whilst browsing for the cream of the insta crop this week we got mega inspired by all the ways to re-imagine your trusty favourites that always reserve a space in the drawers. 

Crop it like it's hot

Brittany Bathgate: Monochrome

White top, black trousers, black sandals, sound familiar? Probably because you have all those things in your 'drobe already. This is the perfect pairing to tighten up your work dressing, and a white crop from ASOS is an excellent purchase if you're into the denim frayed trend but want to keep it wearable. 

Legs out, arms in

Camille Charriere: Stripes & Black

There's something incredibly sexy about a tight long sleeve number for summer, especially in black. Wear it with striped shorter-than-short shorts and a leather belt to expose the perfect amount of skin.

Forget your trousers

Forget the trousers

If you're short, a long striped shirt can pretend it's a dress with ease. For an extra bit of 70s LA, add a floppy hat and you're away.

Go for vertical stripes

Asos Alice

Slouchy, stripey trousers are less PJ, more easy-breezy power dressing. Add a high neck crop and throw on a white DJ. This is what we want to be wearing right now.

Match your shapes

Damsel In Dior

Jacey Duprie of Damsel In Dior shows us how to rock swing separates, and it works a treat.

Off the shouler meets Beetlejuice

Lucy Williams Style

These bold stripes aren't just reserved for Michael Keaton. Go for a more parred down look with a minimalist suede skirt and accessories.

Lay it on thick

Moxham Store

Who said layers are just for winter? A mini dress sandwiches perfectly between this skin-tight turtleneck and sleeveless bomber. It's a yes from us. 

Show some knee

We Wore What Style

If you're bored sick of your white jeans snip a rip in the knee and rough up with sandpaper. This milky palette will look ace with your classic breton top and white sneaks.

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