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Want To Know How To Get Dressed For A House Party Where That Guy You Like Is Going? Let These Girls Will Show You

The Debrief: Our insta babes will give you great inspo for WTF you should wear this weekend

House parties are the hardest. They’re indoors, sure, but it doesn’t feel right getting super dressed up when you’re just in your mate’s living room, even if the light is turned off and someone’s cracked out a lava lamp. You don’t feel right wearing proper heels, either - there’s something odd about drinking out of paper cups and eating wotsits while your totter about in wedges.

Then factor in that house parties are a hot bed for meeting members of the opposite sex who may already be pre-approved as decent humans because your mate is mates with them, and suddenly working out what to wear seems tricky. Presssssure. 

Ok. Relax. We’ve done a bit of good old fashioned stalking to see what our fave babes on Instagram have got in the way of house party style inspo. Check these outfit ideas out. You can thank us later when you’re snogging the face off someone who is probably totally unsuitable but seems like a good idea at the time. 

The Cropped Jeans 


A decent pair of slender cropped denim skinnies and a simple jersey T can work wonders. Pull your hair back into a messy bun, dangle some dainty spidersweb-esque jewellery about yourself and do your best to look sophis with a glass of warm plonk.

The Button Down Skirt


A 70s gem that has reared its head again this season is the denim button down. It feels less try-hard than a mini, but isn’t actually a whole lot longer and kinda lets you do the whole slightly sexy slightly sweet girl next door vibe. Wear with a fitted T, ankle socks and boy-ish shoe, or girly wedge heeled sandals if you’re looking for extra height. 

The Crop Top


Don’t freak out and glare at me. Please. Ok so this girl clearly has heavenly abs, and most of us wouldn’t feel all that confident in the steely qualities of our own. But this is one hell of a crop - and you don’t have to go that short. Wear with boyfriend jeans and a loose bomber over the top, and you will balance out the Britney Spears vibe with some Sporty Spice action and feel great about it. 

The Baggy Jumper


This is the magic way to get away with wearing a tiny skirt without feeling like self conscious. Simples. If you want to show a bit of leg, throw on a tent-like jumper, some cool trainers, and you’re done. 

The Flares


Flares feel like you’re making more of an effort than if you just chuck on your skinnies, and with a cropped lightweight knit, they will give you a cute silhouette. If you don’t want to expose even an inch of your stomach, wear a strappy cami, and an off the shoulder jumper instead. 

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