Charlie Byrne | Fashion Editor | 1,016 day ago

What's With All The Novelty Fashion Ad Campaigns?

The Debrief: This week we've seen Justin Bieber, an 80 year old author and Marilyn Monroe score ad deals...

It's that time of year where the glossies are filled with new season ad campaigns and we can check out whose beautiful face will be charged with flogging handbags this time around. But while we're used to campaigns fronted by the latest super model with cheekbones carved by angels, this season we're experiencing some pretty unexpected castings.

Yesterday saw the announcement of two major campaign faces - Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein and 80 year old author Joan Didion for Celine. Now there's a contrast. But they're not the only unusual ones. MaxFactor also announced on Monday that Marilyn Monroe would be fronting their spring campaign - and she isn't even alive. Campaign casting are now more newsworthy than the products themselves, as brands try to veer away from using generic models that don't have the social pull of stars and seminal fashion icons, preferring kookier, unexpected faces that attract our attention. 

Check out the recent castings and campaigns that have made us go 'huh..?' 


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