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The Cheeky Vetements X Levi’s Jeans

What Happens When You Unzip The Cheeky Vetements X Levi’s Jeans

The Debrief: I mean, what did you expect?

As if 2017’s denim trends couldn’t be more bonkers, Vetements has taken the crown with their new Levi’s collaboration. First Topshop made those bizarre clear panel mom jeans, then Kendall wore a pair of cut-off shorts with the ankle hems still attached and now the French fashion house and OG denim line have created bum-barring jeans. Yes, really. 

Call it high fashion, call it whatever you like, but we think these jeans look not just uncomfortable but impractical. For starters, they cost a mighty £1,295 for the full-length style and £760 for the shorts. Sorry, what?! If you’re willing to drop the big bucks on trousers instead of life essentials, like rent and food, then you’ll discover these reconstructed jeans, with their layers of zippers aren’t just for show – the zips actually work. So, if say, it’s a nice summer day and you’re feeling a little warm you could gain ventilation by unfastening the closure. There’s no fear of accidentally splitting your trousers with this pair, because they are designed to bear the derrière.

This isn’t the first-time denim has made the bottom the main feature. Levi’s themselves made the ‘wedgie’ jean a cult item. And, Alexander McQueen back in 1995 honoured builder’s bottoms with ‘bumsters’ trousers that rode low enough on the butt that the crack was purposefully visible. And, of course zip-crotch trews have been a mainstay of the latex community’s wardrobes for years now. So, its arguable that these new Vetements x Levi’s designs are neither wholly original nor remotely comfortable. But, hey who am I to judge?  

That said, as a fashion editor with some years of experience wearing impractical clothing I’d say, if you’re planning on wearing them, stay away from cold metal surfaces, slatted seats and any furniture that might leave an imprint. 

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