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What Happens When Tall People Shop

The Debrief: The non-serious guide. (And a few serious recommendations, too)

For anyone over 5'10", this is for you.

1. When you try on that cute skirt you've been coveting for weeks and realise you're just one enthusiastic dance move away from indecent exposure

But when you try on the 'longer length' version you look like you've been dressed by your mum:

2. Shopping in the tall section makes you feel like a zoo animal...

Until you see another tall girl...

3. If you accidentally wander into the petite section

4. Cute babydoll dresses just don’t look good, no matter how hard you try

5. You fantasise about buying those beautiful high heels

But you always end up in flats to avoid dwarfing everyone else:

6. You hate having to ask for your real shoe size, so you end up trying on two sizes too small

7. When you find a pair of jeans that fit you buy ten

8. You avoid shopping with your cute petite friend at all costs… it’s just too depressing how everything fits her like a glove

9. You know everything in Forever 21 is always too small, but you try it on anyway

And finally…

10. Someone will ALWAYS ask you to get something off the top shelf for them

PS: If you want serious recommendations, we suggest the Topshop Tall section; ASOS's tall collection and J Brand jeans - which never come up cropped, unless they're supposed to.

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