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What Does A Young Model Mum Wear? If You're Cate Underwood - Smoking Hot Garms

The Debrief: Let's dissect the smoking hot Ukrainian multi-tasker's signature style.

We found Cate Underwood through her SS14 campaign for H&M. Who is that muy caliente lady? We thought, enraptured. Turns out the Ukranian is an awful lot of things; the ultimate multi-tasker, if you will. We feel positively under-achieving listing all that she is, at the age of just 23, but here we go: a mother (daughter, Eva, is now 5), a blogger, a photographer (she has shot for Harpers Bazaar Ukraine, Elle and Officiel) a writer (for Vogue Ukraine) and a DJ. 

And not only that - she has really cool style. No, like, really cool style. She is as trend-less as she is fearless in her choices. No skater shoes and Chanel handbags from this chick; Cate's all leather, studs and platforms. Cate describes herself on her Instagram page as 'nineties' redux aesthetics' - think, the best bits of the 90s, reworked. We caught up with Cate who was busy shooting in Brazil and gleaned some style tips from her, for you. We can but dream...

Lesson 1: Keep the palate black and things can never get too 'much'


If one element of this was coloured, Cate would look like a one woman carnival. But with the different textures of black, it's just plain sexy. Cate's staple is a black, studded leather jacket, with dozens of leather bracelets and chunky cocktail rings and some seriously chunky velcro Buffalo boots. Buffalos? Yeah, they never went away. We've seen several of our favourite models rocking them recently... just saying. 

Lesson 2: Add some black ankle socks to a pretty LWD


Well this is excellent, isn't it? What could have been a pretty pretty white lace maxi dress is given a goth edge with a silver spike necklace, a middle-part bun, some chunky white velvet platform sandals and black ankle socks. It's a lesson in monochrome and is the sexiest example of non-girly girliness we've seen. Try a white dress with some black ankle socks and white plimsolls this summer for a new take on mono.

Lesson 3: Always remember the power of red lipstick


Cate keeps things pared back on the makeup front, often opting for just a slick of bright red lips. What could end up looking quite severe - black leather, sheer and lace - looks youthful and sexy with a bright red pout. Mac's lipstick in Dangerous is a truly excellent clamato coloured shade like Cate's. 

Lesson 4: Yet another very persuasive reason to buy a coloured furry coat...


... Comes in the form of Cate. We've been desperate for a coloured furry coat for about the past year and our yearn grows stronger seeing how she works the monochrome so nicely with the berry red fur. Cate's monochrome aesthetic really excels here; as with too much colour, this coat could have been visually exhausting. Here, it just looks fucking cool. Try eBay for coloured faux fur

Lesson 5: Forget the fedora, try the cloche


It might just be our favourite word to say out loud, 'cloche'. Aside from that, it's also a novel hat option. Everyone's been banging on about fedoras for the last few years, so why not try the fedora's more compact lampshade-like sister, the cloche?

Lesson 6: Bend your aesthetic, come summer


We must admit, as cool as black tights and chunky boots are, we never entirely understand the girls who stay loyal to it throughout the entire summer. Luckily, Cate's not one of them. She looks pretty cute in a polkadot pencil and patent flatform sandals, but obviously rocks it up with a black crop top and her signature dagger necklace. We could also talk about how the whole shebang is enhanced by that face and that hair, but if we dwell for too long, we cry. Cate: call us.

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Pictures: Cate Underwood/NYLON, Victoria Hannan, Zara

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